Looking for Maydaze :) please respond

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by baanders, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. baanders

    baanders New Member

    Hi Maydaze,

    We were not allowed to have such a big group. I didn't want a big group anyway. When I met you and Rachael, I was happy enough.

    I'd like to get to know you. What is it like living in New Zealand? I've seen pictures...it's beautiful.
    Why can't someone wheel you down to the dairy or cattle farm (which is it) so you can see a calf being born? Do you have special holidays? What triggered your FM? How can I help you and be a good friend to you?

    I'm going grocery shopping today and to the post office. Don't worry if it takes a while to answer. Please just keep writing off of this post. I'd like to be your friend. We will be a good support to eachother and we will be good to eachother :)

    Love, hope, and peace
  2. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Oh is that what the problem has been, just checked in and everything was gone...

    Had an awfull day, fatigue and migraine just terrible..
    Hopefully tomorrow will be better...

    I hate going down the farm now when I can't do anything, makes me feel worse not better... I guess its like a chocoholic, looking at chocolate but not being able to eat it!! Looking at photos or out the window i am alot more removed from the situation and can cope with it better.
    Sounds weird but I like to think I am 'better' than I physically am.... if that makes sence... seems to be the only way i can cope..

    I have been sick on and off for over 19yrs but the last 12yrs have just floored me.. Started with glandular fever- cfs and then fibro joined the party about 7yrs ago..
    Glandular Fever is still active in my system???

    Where abouts in the States do you live? I lived in Anaheim California for 4 yrs, my son was born over there.. so I have my own "yank" here at home!!! :eek:) He is 19 now and training to be a mechanic..

    Am looking for friendship, support etc too, tis so hard to keep up friendships with healthy people- they just don't understand when you 'cant' have them over to dinner, cancel going out at the last minute cause your in the middle of a flare etc... And trying to explain a good or bad day to them is just about impossible!!

    How did you go with your grocery shopping? some weeks it is such a mission aye? I now mostly order my grocerys online and then my son picks them up on his way home.

    Well I hope you are having a good day and talk to ya soon,
    Glad we met :eek:)

  3. rachel432

    rachel432 New Member

    i was wondering what happened to the other post when i stumbled across this one. i'm glad i found you again. i would like to get to know both of you better as i agree that it's hard to mantain relationships with a lot of healthy people because they don't understand the situation that we are in. also because i don't manage to get out to socialize very much.

    i also was thing that you both live in such great areas. baanders, my in-laws live in several different parts of california and my favorite is the l.a. are. i actually have a frieand from college who lives in dana point ca. i really like that area. and maedaze even though i have never been to new zealand one of my best friends has been there several times on business and she just absolutly loves it, i would love to hear more about your home as it's so different from where i am in chicago.

    i hope to talk with you both soon!
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  4. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Teeheehee, isn't it funny how other places sound so much more interesting than where we live???

    Chicago sounds sooo cool, have only ever seen it through 'movie' eyes though!! And isn't Oprah there??? Same with California, straight away think of wonderful weather, beach, surfing etc...!!!

    I must admit New Zealand is full of beautiful scenery and is very green... but we do get alot of rain!! We have just had a month of big winds.. We are heading into summer. It does get hot here, but not hot enough for airconditioners... and it gets cold in winter but we don't get snow where we are..

    So you would think it would be ok for the health not dealing with extreme weather, but it's not!! Don't know if it's because the weather is so changable all the time or that it doesn't seem to matter where you live in this world with these diseases... if your sick, your sick- good or bad weather!!

    Have just found out my cousins daughter has just been diagnosed with cfs.... she has been battling with glandular fever since the beginning of the year. She is only 14 and hasn't been to school this year yet.. too sick.
    Makes me soo sad to hear how so many young people are getting sick with it.

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