looking for md in stlouis metro area

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    does anyone know of a good md for fibro in the st louis metro area.
    i was sent to st louis u confirmed diagnosis given ultram and told to go back to primary care who does not know much about the disease. thats why she referred me out.
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    Hello: I live in St. Louis area and have CFS. Unfortunately, I haven't found a Dr. I really like. I don't have FM, but several months ago spoke with a lady here who does, and she had a Dr. who she really liked. She gave me his name. I don't know where I put it! I will search for it, and if I find it will come post it on board. It may take me several days. I never did go to see him myself as I am getting ready to move out of state. Anyway, sorry I can't be more helpful at the moment, but as I say, will try to track it down for you. Sara

    BADGAR New Member

    Thank you so much I would really appreciate it. I know I have had this for many years but you just keep going. but I am at the point that i need something else besides narcotics. you just cannot function with them.

    i have a disabled husband an 18 yr old daughter and 6yr old twin girls. i was working full time as a nurse mon-fri and missed so much with the kids. mommy was always tired or hurt. it breaks your heart to tell the kids mommy can't. and daddy can't either. our older daughter always picked them up at school and when i did go the other parents didn't know who i was.

    so when you get a name please let me know.
    and good luck with your move.
  4. SaraL

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    Hi: I have been searching for the name, with no luck so far. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the woman, either. I will continue to try, but in the meantime, I thought of one lead which may or may not be a help to you? Around when I was first diagnosed with CFS over 4 years ago, my primary care doctor tried to get me in to see this Infectious Diseases dr. who she said was tops in the area for CFS. Dr. Farian Manion at St. John's Mercy Medical Center, I believe. She couldn't get me in with him, so I saw his partner instead, a Dr. Janssen, who I don't recommend. He may be a fine doctor, but in retrospect, knowing all I now know about the disease, I realize he was not knowledgeable about it. Anyway, I once talked with one of Dr. Manion's patients, who had CFS and FM. She just raved about him. Said he was instrumental in helping her get her life back. (She was not fully over it, but was able to work full-time, and have a bit of a life besides that, which sounds awfully good to me!) Anyway, perhaps your doctor would be able to get you in to see him, or call his office and get a referal to a knowledgeable rheumatologist? Anyway, I haven't given up on my other name. Will come back if I find it. I sure hope you find some one good! Take care! Sara
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    I actually live in St. Charles County. The name of my doctor is Dr. Pierre Moeser. His office is next to Barnes West in St. Peters. Since I have been seeing him, I feel anywhere from 85% to 95% better. He has told me that you can beat FM and he has seen many people return to 100% or close to it. He is well informed on the topic of FM and CFS. You need to keep one thing in mind! (O.k., if you read the rest of my post you may get offended, so you may want to stop.) There is a lot of garbage on the net about FM and CFS (including a lot of stuff posted here), but there is some really good stuff too. Based on my my experience with Dr. Moeser, he does not give a lot of weight to so-called natural supplements. So, if you are a firm believer in the so-called natural supplements, you may not want to go to him. My only complaint is that his appointments are too short, but he has given me good advice and he is willing to help you fight it.

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    This is a very short article on the net about FM that Dr. Moeser gave....


    (KSDK) -- It's painful, difficult to diagnose patients used to be told this disease was all in their head. Now, a viewer wants to know the signs and symptoms of Fibromyalgia, a very real illness that is seven times more common in women than men.

    "If you think about running a marathon and then going out back and digging a ditch and everything in your body hurts and you're extremely tired, that's the feeling of Fibromyalgia," says Dr. Pierre Moeser, a Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital rheumatologist.

    The word means pain in the fibrous tissue of the body: tendons, ligaments and muscles.

    "It has as its primary features non-restful sleep, daytime fatigue and painful points over the body and fatigue out of proportion with what you might generally experience."

    Anxiety and depression are often present. There's no blood test or x-ray to confirm a finding of Fibromyalgia. That means patients often go from doctor to doctor before getting a diagnosis.

    "They've seen orthopedics to see if it's a bone problem or endocrinology to see if it's a hormone problem," says Dr. Moeser.

    Treatment centers on easing the symptoms and may include anti-depressants and muscle relaxants. Exercise and moderate weight loss can also help.

    "There's a misconception out there that people with Fibromyalgia tend to be lazy and tend to be on disability and looking for an easy way out. Most of my patients work full time and are highly motivated individuals."

    A rheumatologist can usually pinpoint the diagnosis by ruling out other illnesses like diabetes and an under active thyroid.

    Two per cent of the population is affected by this painful, chronic condition.
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    I am very interested in these names too, as I live in this general area, and have basically found no one who knows anything about anything. I would very much like to know of any more names, and am going to check out the ones given by Kurt and the other person. (Sorry can't remember now who it was...Brain freeze)
    With friendship,