Looking for mineralsupplement. Please help!

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    I need help finding a good mineral/vitamin supplement. Right now I take colloidal minerals/vitamins but my stomach seems to be having trouble accepting them. Recently my saliva production has increased and it feels like you want to put something in your mouth all the time. I quit taking the supplement for a while and it all went back to normal but then my other symptoms got much worse, so I feel dependent on them.
    I´ve heard about ionic minerals, maybe that would be a solution, but I havn´t been able to find any that matches my needs. I need at least 300 mg magnesium and 200 mg calcium. I also would like it to contain vitamins and amino acids.
    Have also read about supplements yoyu take orally.
    Does anybody have any good tips? Would be very thankful!
    I live in Europe, so it´s best if it can be purchased here, or shipped over.

  2. YBrechin

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    HI Marit, I bought off the internet a sufar free supplement which you drink in water. It is called Recuperation and contains 740mg of sodium 200mg of potassium 15mg of calcuim and 15mg of Magnesium. It has been made by a guy who lives in Gerona who claims he has cured his fibromyalgia using it. I'm afraid it hasn't done the same for me but everyone is different and maybe it is worth a try. I bought mine through the internet as i believe it is only for sale in chemists in Spain, sold as a hydration supplment.

    Hope this has been of some use.

  3. rt6176

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    Google: ( vitalearth fulvic minerals )

    This mineral complex is derived from plants. I am able to tolerate it in my "Green's First" powder supplement shake.

    You may be suffering from "Low Battery". An inability to absorb nutrients your body needs. This supplement addresses this issue with Fulvic Acid.

    Go here to read more on "Low Battery":


    I am on this mineral supplement for only five days so far.

    It will be another week or two before I know if I an getting any benefit.

    Good Luck in your search,


    P.S. There is also a vitamin formula as well.

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