Looking for natural soap due to allergies can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by disconcerted, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. disconcerted

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    I have recently bought some Soapnuts (Sapindus mukorossi) online as i found out they are an old Indian natural product for cleaning. They contain saponins (a natural surfactant). They can be use for washing clothes and making a liquid soap.

    My question, if anyone out there is technically minded in this area, is: are natural surfactants capable of cleaning (in the case of the liquid soap made from them) to the same degree as commercial soap? Will they kill germs on the hands like soap does? If i were to add Tea Tree oil to the liquid soap would that provide germ killing properties? And if it would, in what proportion would i add them?

    I know getting an answer on this is a long shot but i'm hoping someone might be able to help. I am allergic to almost all washing powders and most commercial soap and to be able to use these would be a godsend.

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  2. Rafiki

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    is fantastic at killing bacteria, not to mention viruses and fungus...

    I don't know how many drops you should add but I'm quite sure you can google that info.

    I always have tea tree oil around and use it, straight, on cuts, "blemishes", nail fungus...

    Info on TTO from University of Western Australia

    Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia

    less toxic alternatives for household and personal cleaning including homemade

    Tea Tree Disinfectant
    20 drops tea tree oil (approx. 1/5 tsp. or 1 ml)
    20 drops emulsifier
    1 cup water or vinegar
    Put emulsifier in container. Add oil and blend. Add 1cup water or vinegar.

    Best of luck,
  3. 4everkid

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    I can't answer your questions, but I can pass along a link. I saw this soap on Ebay, saved the link, and plan to try it eventually. There are lots of satisfied customers! The listing is very wordy, so FYI, you get FIVE 6oz bars for the price listed.

    Just go to ebay and type in the search box "NATURAL SOAP The best in the world?" The seller is "Acne results." It's apparently not just for acne though.
  4. disconcerted

    disconcerted New Member

    Wow - i never really expected anyone to be able to help!

    Thank you all so much for the information - i will be checking out all the links and certainly trying that recipe.


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