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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lynnintn, Apr 28, 2007.

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    Since I cannot take NSAIDS or Cox inhibitors (only aspirin), I have been looking for supplements that reduce inflammation naturally. I am looking for any feed back on what has HELPED others.

    My dad, an engineer, but a "Lay Naturopath" as I call him has told me to take the following and I am researching this to learn more. I have seen some of these recs on Dr. Mercola's website too at www.mercola.com. Thoughts or ideas? I cannot afford to add much more to my supplement regimen as I spend $40/mo on vitamins and supplements (whole food veggie and fruit vitamins with probiotics and digestive enzymes). Some is this stuff is already in the supplements I take. I hate the taste that omega fish oils leave in my mouth as I burp a "fishy taste" when I take them so I stopped the fish oil supplement. Even Krill Oil does this to me.

    *Bromelain, a digestive enzyme found in pineapples
    *More Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils
    *Gamma-linolenic acid
    *Vitamin E
    *Vitamin C
    *Cat's Claw

    Does SamE really help? What about Malic acid?

    I cannot afford much so am looking for something affordable that might help. I broke down and got another cortisone injection the other day which helps for 2-3 weeks, but I can't get them often and we all know the side effects of long-term corticosteroid use.

    Lynn in TN
  2. dolphin67

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    I have good results with opc. (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) I have been taking this for 2 years and it has not only helped me with inflammation, but seems to give me more energy as well. even my allergies have been almost nonexistant since I started taking it. good luck to you.
  3. lynnintn

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    Where do you purchase this?
  4. Adl123

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    Dear Lynn,
    Well, I can't take any non-steroidal anti inflammatories, not even aspirin. I also can't take any kind of fish or flax oil, as they thin my blood too much and I hemorrage. So, I've gone to natural things. I find that raw onions and tumeric help. I add the onion (at least 1/2 ) to my salads, and add them at the last minute, to soups and stir frys, etc... - and I eat a mild curry , with added tumeric, as often as I can. I also add tumeric to soups and stews.

    As for remedies, I use "Traumeel" gel,from the health food store, which is rubbed on. I find that it really helps, and I've had no reactions from it. It has to be re-aplied a couple of times, but I find that it's worth it.

    I hope this helps. Good luck,
  5. Pianowoman

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    Try Pro Health's Proenzyme P. They are enzymes especially formulated for inflammation. You take them away from meals. They are pretty inexpensive.

  6. victoria

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    it was tiny but just in the wrong place in my ankle, and caused me to limp for 2 years, but was inoperable, & only seen on an MRI actually.

    Once I finally knew what was causing the problem, I took a LOT of bromelain and SAMe, did take some aspirin along with them. It helped tremendously! Ultimately I could walk over time normally again and was then able to wean off them. I think they helped the spur to disappear, actually, altho I don't know if it's possible. At any rate, they worked better than aspirin alone or anything else.

    There's also a combination herbal supplement sold in the HF stores, Zyflamend I think is the name, that was also helpful.

    Hope that helps,

  7. lynnintn

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    Looks like I am taking some of the things recommended already. This new whole food fruit drink I am using does have cherry, pomegranate and like 25 fruits in it plus a bunch of probiotics and enzymes. I may add SamE to my regimen too.

    My steroid shot is starting to kick in now! I wish I could get one every 3-4 wks as they help so much but the side-effects are too .bad over the long-term.

    Again thanks all:)
  8. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    I use white willow bark capsules since I don't tolerate any painkillers. It doesn't affect clotting factors the same as aspirin and doesn't cause my stomach to be upset. In arthritis trials they found it had the same or better pain-fighting ability as aspirin.

  9. LouiseK

    LouiseK New Member

    Dr. Perricone writes extensively on anti-imflammatory remedies, foods, etc. Likewise the Ultrametabolism book. Dr. Andrew Weil will have info in his books and website. As to the first two books I mentioned -- if you have some stamina you can go to the bookstore and read through them there and save your money -- just take a little pad and paper. I bought the books myself so I could mark in them and reference later but not so necessary. Or maybe your local library has them.

    Actually your dad's list looks great. The trick is that we have to NOT EAT stuff that causes the inflammation. Hard to do. Also stress, etc. . .all adding to inflammation.

    Breathe in . . .breathe out . . .and no trans-fats;-)
  10. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    some people find relief with glucosimine/chondroitin
    and or/MSM.

    MSM helped me quite a bit, but upset my stomach so I had to stop.

    It wasn't expensive.
  11. victoria

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    I forgot about it as I too found I couldn't take much without stomach problems. But many people do not get problems from it and it can take away their pain from arthritis etc.

    James Coburn, the actor (who is deceased now), was/is still the 'poster boy' for using MSM. He disappeared from the movies for a good while because of crippling arthritis. He tried everything that the standard medicine had to offer to shamans and other faith healers, ad infinitum.

    He finally heard of Dr. Jacobs in Oregon who wrote the definitive book on MSM and went to visit him. The doctor's suggestion is to increase the MSM by 1 gram or so every so often until either your GI system is bothered or your pain goes away.

    Coburn was ultimately taking 40 GRAMS per day when he finally got rid of his pain - as a result he was able to make a few more movies before he died. There appears to be no side effects if it doesn't bother your GI system.

    Dr. Jacob has written 2 books:

    The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain by Stanley W. Jacob MD (Paperback - Dec 1, 1999)


    MSM the Definitive Guide: The Nutritional Breakthrough for Arthritis, Allergies and More by Stanley W., M.D. Jacob and Jeremy Appleton (Paperback - Nov 2002)

    I remember reading in his original book that one way athletes were able to be helped with sore or pulled muscles/joints was to sit in a bath with a lot of MSM. Rather cost-prohibitive for most of us of course, but he said it worked for them.

    Basically it is supplying sulfur orally or thru the skin... and is one reason epsom salts helps, as it too has sulfur in it.

    Hope this helps. For those it works for, it appears to be a miracle supplement!


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    I get my opc through Market America because one of our family members sells it. It's called opc-3 & I love it. However, I believe there is another brand called opcxtra and a few other brands too if you google it.
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  15. PVLady

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    I ran across a drug recently that really helped my husband but it is targeted for osteo-arthritis. It is classed as a
    "medical food" and a very powerful anti-oxidant that counteracts inflammation in your body.

    My pain doctor has given it to several fibro patients who said it was like a miracle.

    It is called "Limbrel" and you can read about it on the web. You can only get it by prescription. It basically has no bad side effects. My husband had terrible pain in his knee and thumb joints.

    After about 4 days of taking Limbrel the pain stopped. At the time he was wearing a brace on his thumb all the time and taking Vicoden. He was also scheduled for a 3 hour surgery on his thumb joint.

    I personally don't know if it will really help fibro but I don't think it would hurt to try it. Too bad they are not doing more advertising on Limbrel because it was amazing how it helped my husband's pain.

  16. Bailey-smom

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    a warm soak in a tub w/epsom salt? That seems to help a little.

  17. suz45

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    Hi Lynn:

    I hear ya anout not using the NSAIDs, i avoid them as much as possble. Have done alot of research over the years since diagnosis (7) and also utilize my chiroprator for his knowlede and his partner who teaches about natural methods at local chiropratic college and a med school too.

    Anyways what has worked for me particularly when flaring is a combo fo omege 3-6-9, i take a fish, flax and borage oil supplement i boost it up when flaring. Also I use malic acid have for years. My pcp knows and all my bloodwork is very normal. also milk thistle helps with keeping the liver clean if you are talking alot of meds or supplements. many studies to back this up particularly in Europe. Hope this is helpful.

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    Good info to reduce inflammation
  19. katte

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    Some of us are sulphur allergic, limiting otherwise healthy supplemnts and foods.

    MSM gave me toxic feeling, and finally realized it's the sulphur connection. Can't take much tumeric either, and became reactive to alot of raw garlic.(Can take some Standard process garlic, and lately eat a little again).

    Everyone's different...I can handle SAMe and ImmunoPro, some cannot. IP removed bloating/swelling from my face.(Except for toxic exposure)

    Taking Molybdenum is supposed to offset the sulphur reaction and MCS.

    It might help to look up list of sulphur supps and food....and watch for reaction/sensitivity.

  20. AloeVeraHeals

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    My mother in India used this American product from Forever Living Products' Forever Freedom and felt much relief. They say it has Aloe Vera juice + Chondroitin + MSM + Glucosamine + Vitamin C. We couldn't continue as found it expensive for us.

    Just a suggestion.

    Best regards.

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