Looking for new Fibro MD again

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Pugaru, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Pugaru

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    Newbie looking for reference for Fibro doctor in Boston area. Although diagnosed since 1989, have been in flare up for past 6 years due to fall and back injury. Current doctor says I frustrate her, and told me to find someone new and gave me two months. Have been taking meds for six years and am scared new MD will not be understanding. Am stressing out. Since pain meds are involved, I'm sure new doctor will not approve and thus create new problem with sudden stopping after such a long time. Right now I need constant assistance for all aspects of taking care of myself. I am unable to do it alone, thus complicating things. Also, is anyone following Dr. Roger Murphree's protocol for vitamin supplements, and if so, have you had any success?
    Thank you!
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    Went to Dr. William Pachas at Mass. General Hospital in Boston, the other day. He was great, he knew what he was doing and actually prescribe a regimen that sounds like it will help my symptoms. I've been in a flare for the past few weeks and it felt so good to go to a doc that actually "gets it".

  3. Pugaru

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    Thank you for the name. Will look into this MD