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    My name is Mark and I have had CFS for 11 years. I got CFS as a result of a hyperactive thyroid disease called: Grave's Disease.

    I have read some posts about other men who have CFS.

    I learned from an article sumbitted to me called: "Men with CFS" by Pamela Young...that 1.800 million women have severe CFS and only 200,000 men have severe CFS. (This info came from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    As a result most support groups for CFS focus on women because they are in the majority. I read that men who have gone to support groups don't get that much information because most clinical studies are done for women.

    I would be happy to share my experiences and research with any men with CFS.

    In the beginning of CFS I was sleeping 14 to 18 hours a day for approximately 3 years. At 11 years I am still sleeping 11 to 12 hours. I am also frustrated that I cannot workout at the gym. There was a period around my 4th & 5th year where I worked out 3 times a week or practiced the rings and parallel bars in a gymnastics facility. Working out of course makes one feel so much better mentally as well as physically.

    I do stretches at home and try a couple of pull ups. That is the extent of my exercise for the past 2 years.

    I tried homeopathy and it made me worse and I had a couple of years of relapse.

    (Homeopathy however does work for some..but the homeopopathist needs to SPECIALIZED IN CFS).

    I have been on a blood type diet which is helpful to me. (Strict diets I have found are too much stress for someone with CFS).

    I have met at least 7 women who had severe CFS and the worst case was 9 years. Most woke up one day after approximately 3 to 5 years and it was essentially gone. BUT they still have to monitor their energy and diet.

    I have not shared with very many men about CFS. I cannot find them. I did hear from a man who has had CFS since 1982 and he wrote me that he just had to "cope with it."

    I have tried other avenues to improve my CFS. I would appreciate hearing from other men with CFS and how you got CFS.

    Maybe we can give each other hope and other possiblities.

    Again I have tried and done much more but I will share according to another man's condition if I am able to.

    Bless you guys with CFS.


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