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    I started haveing bleeding in my kidneys 3 years ago..gross amounts. Then what they thought was endo, so they took my appendix and a complete hysto. But the labs came back negative for endo. During this fatique, chills, night sweats, swelling in hands, face, and lymph nodes. Pain ranged from a 3 to an 8. I get periodic fevers, that feel like terrible hot flashes, but last for days. My stomach, and other organs swell, and cause alot of bowl problems. This can last for days or a couple of weeks, I recently have been put on plaqlin (anti-malria) drug and it seems to be helping somewhat. I actually have a few good days, where I feel normal. Thus far my blood work comes back not elevated enough to call it lupas ect. SO they are saying I have some kind of periodic inflamation (fever) disorder. I have taken tons of tests, and they still seem at a loss for an exact name. SO if any of you out there have similar issues, or ideas on additonal tests, or hospitals to try please let me know...thus far I have been at the University of Nebr In omaha, they have been great but are no experts. Like I said ....just looking for others.....
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    If you are looking for others that have choosen to use a combination of allopathic medicine and natural products then I may be able to help you. I know someone who has had some of your symptoms that has received releif. email me at dot@swiftliftcrane.com