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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ImDigNiT, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    I am really eager to hear of anyone who has a case with Unum. I am ready to rip their heads off, the Social Security Administratin as well.

    Peaceful minds and bodies to all.

  2. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi marcia--we have "talked" before, but then when i tried to call you, voicemail was full and i ended up losing your number. You can count me IN on this one! My husband just said yesterday that he thinks the Unibomber originated from trying to deal with these ^&&%%$^* companies!! I am in the middle of my second appeal (won the first time) with those slimeballs, haven't had the pleasure of a SSA hearing yet, but should shortly (after my first denial in dec. 2004) I have been posting to see--what is the deal with this overpayment business? If ANYONE besides me is entitled to it, i would rather see SSA keep it than the sleazes at unum. NO ONE can answer this for me, and i have been searching for days! I am also a little concerned because my SSDI attorney is from genex, appointed AND affiliated with unum. I can tell you are really upset, as you posted at 0328, lets find a way to exchange emails or i could call you--i don't type very fast! I have obtained and reviewed my "video surveillance, which basically proves nothing more than the fact that i have a fat ass, and can only hope they didn't pay very much for it, as it is totally useless for all, but i do need to call my appeals guy and point out to him that the PI shut of the camera everytime I did sit down to rest! I also got terminated at the same time from the mortgage disability that i had on my home equity, so am trying to deal with a double whammy here! Did you get ALL of your info from unum? that is most definitely your right, although i'm sure you probably have, but would love to touch base with you. please respond--unless you went back to bed! Take care--and hope to hear from you--L
  3. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi marcia--i emailed you, waiting to hear back. please respond--hope all is well with you--L
  4. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi marcia, haven't seen you on lately, hope all is well, and you haven't gone and unibombed the unum office, lol! Please get in touch, would like to touch base on some issues--L
  5. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    I have been very ill for quite sometime now and can't get on the puter much. Meanwhile, my attorneys filed an appeal in Nov in which Unum had 45 days to reply.

    I bet you can guess what happened... no reply! Now it may take two years to go to trial. Meanwhile, I have to borrow from my family monthly in order to survive. My attorney's can now classify this as a bad faith case and Unum will have to pay 3xs the amount of backpay with interest in a lump sum,attorney fees plus other punitive damages.

    Well, that is all fine and good, but meanwhile this is ruining both financially and mentally.

    I just really want what I signed up for with the policy but now they have pushed themselves into a hell of a mess, but still, it sure does not seem fair that right now I am the one being penalized.

    I have a meeting with my attorney next week and I am hoping that we can do something to get this going a heck of a lot quicker.

    Meanwhile, I just had gallbladder surgery unexpectantly. It was a nightmare. The gallstone was a bigger than my thumb. They could not get an IV in either of my arms for the anesthia(sp) and could not get me knocked out with versed and about 200 mg of morphine. They never allow family members in pre-op but they went running for him when they could not knock me out and then had to try to put in a Central line in my neck. After trying the right side of my neck and almost everywhere else on my body, they finally were able to put the Central line on the left side. They still had problems putting me under, but they let my husband stay until finally I went out. I had a bunch of people working on me and when they called my husband back in the OR it scared the stew out of my family and I might me too! There was blood everywhere. Then when I woke up immediately after surgery the staff were in awe. Then my BP kept rising from the pain and again made an exception and let my Mom and husband come back hoping it would help calm me.

    They say the gallstone was a result from the large amounts of antibiotics I have been on:

    Picc Line for 20 weeks in my right arm injections of rocephin 2xs per days 4 days per week. I had a home health care nurse thank goodness that came and changed the dressing. I had to get it removed because it looked as if my whole arm was scalded and they did not was to take the chance of the infection getting in my heart.

    Also, Doxy 2 @ 2 xs per day
    Amantadine 2x per day
    And then Flagyl 500mg 2xs daily for one week every month

    Friday, Dr. put me on Ketek to replace the rocephin...probably more herxing, how exciting! HA!

    I also am on a 50mcg an hour duragesic patch for pain (mine is Fentanyl which is time released and changed every three days), I am also taking Xanax 2mg 3x per day, numerous herbal supplements, tranzadol for sleep. But honestly, nothing really helps me as I am always in pain but I probably would feeling much more hell without the meds. Oh yeah, I also am on Cymbalta and Effexor. I think those things do help with the pain and help me keep my sanity (or atleast partially!).

    I would love to talk to you as well. I have msn.com my name there is boyntonmarcia. I hope we can talk about the wicked wicked gonna be broke one day Unum. I will check my msn.com in the morning as I am absolutely done for today. I must go hook up with my heating pad and a bunch of pillows.

    Tomorrow it's all about you day baby! I think we can find out some of the questions you and both have and maybe some other things we can do. I don't have a clue is they have me under survellence if they do they won't get much that is for sure, plus I have three drs who say different including an independent dr. plus I have the fibro, CFS and Lyme Disease along with a host of other lovely culprits attacking my body.

    Hope to talk to you soon. Marcia
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