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    Can anyone help me find the posts about the difference? on standing and laying down and back pain, and the one on being twisted to prove pain?

    I've tried using the search, but now have read so many that aren't, my head has lost it, but also found lots I had missed!




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    Dear Jacqui,
    I Know ,I come up againest this Problim also, Depending on how long ago you read the post you'r looking for ,If its be a week, Start at the last pg avlable , I alway's go to #10 And go backwerds
    One thing we have going for us is that , whatever post's you read will be in red, I know its a Pain ,when you cant find what you'r looking for, I happens to me alot also, This pg moves so fast , if its been longer then a few day's go past 10, till you dont see it high litted
    Adlest you'll know you hadent went that far
    Good luck, I also try to realy lok at the person's name to help me remember,{dosent alway's work W/ this fibro fog
    Good luck
    Pss Or Post You own Post refering to the one you'r looking for , mention when you think it was,And what that person said, try to remember key word's they used , It somtimes work's Example , READ POST ABOUGHT? Help "Cant find