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    I am writing to ask whether someone could recommend a good
    psychiatrist that has experience with CFS, someone who already
    understands that it is a disease that affects the entire system and is
    not a mental illness. In particular, it would be most ideal if the
    psychiatrist has had experience with patients that have CFS that is
    caused by a viral infection to the central nervous system, and or if
    he or she has had experience with patients dealing with the side
    effects caused by the powerful antiviral Valcyte. If you know of
    someone in the San Jose-Mountain View-Palo Alto area in northern
    California, please let me know. If someone does not have this previous
    experience with CFS, but is someone you think has a personality and
    intellect that could navigate such a case, we would also be interested
    in knowing about them. Thank you very much. We appreciate your help.
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    About a decade ago I saw a psychiatrist in Berkeley who was extremely compassionate and open-minded. I consulted with him for my depression/PTSD, and he ran a bunch of tests and discovered I had low testosterone levels and Hashimoto's. He gave me replacement hormones as well as anti-depressants, and I appreciated that he was willing to explore causes for my fatigue beyond just saying, "you're depressed" (as a few other doctors subsequently did). He didn't diagnose me with CFS or FMS (which I may or may not have had at the time), but he was always tweaking my meds to try to give me better results. I've read some of his psychiatry journal articles where he advocates treating fatigued patients with stimulants like dexedrine, so it seems he has an interest in resolving fatigue. I can't say whether that extends to him having experience with CFS, but I think he has the right mindset to be helpful. I only saw him for about 9 months before I moved out of state.

    The doctor's name is Alan Jay Cohen, and from what I've found online, he seems to now have offices in Alameda and San Leandro. I know he was on a sabbatical for a few years with his own health problems, because I called his office around 2002 to get my medical records and he was on leave. He was fairly young when I saw him so I'm not sure what was wrong, but I hope the information I found is correct and that he's able to see patients again. Here's the contact info I found online:

    1429 Oak St
    Alameda, CA 94501

    Eden Adult Support Svcs.
    2045 Fairmont Dr
    San Leandro, CA 94578
    (510) 667-7500

    If nothing else, perhaps he would be able to give you a referral. I can't find him listed on the AMA's website, but he seems to have been working again in at least 2006 according to a couple of other sites I ran across. There are about half a dozen doctors named Alan Cohen in California, and an endocrinologist in Tennessee with exactly the same name, so looking for him was a bit of a puzzle. I hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the feedback!