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  1. Letti

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    pain meds. My Doctor's want to switch me from taking
    MS Contin to either Methadone or Oxycontin.
    My problem is I've heard too many bad things about both. With methadone I hear you knod off a lot, excessive sweating, excessive weight gain (which I already have) and it's syn. herion.
    The Oxycontin, more so comes from just the news and how Doctors use this med more freely.
    They tried talking me into using the pump, I feel theres just too many risks involved.
    So, where do I find research on these two pain meds?
    I'm still trying to learn this site and to get to know all of you. Even though I just read your messages, I know you and feel for every one of you.
    I truely wish I found this site 13 yrs. ago.
    Thank you..............Letti
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    All I can tell you regarding the OxyContin is it seems to be quite addictive. My husband was on it for two weeks while he had his tonsilectomy and had a rough time coming off of the stuff. He also had major issues with constipation while on it but that is pretty common for most of the narcotic medications I think.

  3. Jen F

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    I asked for oxycotin when I was in extreme pain recently, but wasn't given it. I looked it up in that big blue drug book while I was there and it said something about it not being abusing/habit forming for those with severe pain where it's use IS indicated -- but don't quote me on that, those aren't exact words.

    My FM friend recently started using it for her extreme pain and has gotten back some of her quality of life and did not report any significant side effects to me.

    tHERE is a lot of info on this site, so hopefully you found the search function on this site helpful.
  4. Letti

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    for your messages. I will research. This site has opened up a new world to me and all the wonderful information it has within in it. But you ALL is what's most comforting, because you are who understands.
    Thanks again................Letti