looking for rheumatology doc, in toledo ohio,

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    my doctor wants me to see a rheumatology, and go to pain clinic, can;t seem to see to find a rheumatologist, in my area, found one but there is a six month want to get in. so asking if any one in the toledo ohio area, know of a doctor in this area that is good. my doctor doesn't seem to have any recomandations. i can go to the pain clinic at the same place as my doc. i am not even sure what to expect from a rhemuatologist.
    Know for the good news, i was finnally approved for ssi and disablity, i know that it will be hard to make ends meet. but we just have to conserve. and cut back on unnessary things. at least my house is paid for so it leaves utilities and food.
    So everyone that is appling for ssi, and ssd, hang in there, that fight is long and hard. but they will come through.

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    thankyou for the list of doctors,
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    I am in Monroe and have been to 2 rheumatologists in Toledo. There is also a new female reheumy at the Toledo Clinic. I did see Dr. Goldberger but was not thrilled with him but maybe it was just me. I now go to Ann Arbor. There are several good ones there, if you dont mind the hour drive. If you need more info, let me know.