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    I've been suffering with FM and related issues for over 20 years, been diagnosed for about five or six years. I live in Key West, Florida, and there are no rheumatologists here. I have checked several sites that have docs listed but I am wondering if anyone has had any personal experiences with rheumatologists in South Florida, even as far up as Palm Beach. Actually, even in Central Florida since we may be moving up to the Lakeland area (will be selling my house in the Keys before the next hurricane season-haha).

    I am about to start the long road to disability. And probably only another FMer will understand this. I don't want to get fixed. I have tried so many things without good results or only temporary results or so many side effects from treatment that have to be treated that I have just hit the point of saying no more, stopped all drugs about a year ago and, guess what, it didn't really make much difference at all.

    So, as I told my husband, who finally understands, I don't want to get fixed. I am going to apply for disability and fight it out with them and stop worrying about trying to get enough work done (worked at home on a flexible schedule as a medical transcriptionist but company went to a strict schedule, no exceptions, and I know with the brain fog I have I probably won't be able to learn a new system and produce the amount of work they require--I was okay working on a system and account that I had been on for around eight years). Later on, I will try some of the new meds and if they help I get off disability or get on the Ticket to Work Program. I've learned the longer I work part-time the more I am screwing myself on Social Security if I was able to work until retirement.

    It is such a long drive out of the Keys up to Miami or the Broward County area, I just don't want to waste my time or money (currently without insurance) getting jerked around so would appreciate anyone's personal experience with rheumatologists in South Florida.

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    Just wanted to welcome you to the board. I noticed that you didn't have any replies yet and wanted to bump this before it ended up on the second page. I don't live anywhere near Florida so I am sorry I can't help you there but I'm sure another member can help you with that. Good luck on your doctor search and Social Security.
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    I have been going off and on to this doctor, who is a DO who practices integrative medicine. His name is Gray Fenton and is near Sawgrass Mall in Sunrise. The only problem is he is so busy with Fibromites and many others that you have to get on a waiting list to see him. I love his tactics and natural solutions. I follow a strict diet and use supplements for my FM problems (although my pain is moderate, I have other issues). If you have time to wait calling his office and getting on the waiting list is worth it.

    I also believe there is a doctor in Hollywood that treats FM/CFS--Dr. Keller.

    Best of luck
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    Thanks everybody for the welcome and information. Tania, I will check out those doctors, thanks again. I've been struggling with this for years and just having a hard time readjusting myself.
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    Just one self-serving bump.

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