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  1. kmelodyg

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    Hello! I just wanted to emphasize to everyone that I am looking for ALL DIFFERENT KINDS OF FMS/CFS PEOPLE FOR MY BOOK!!!! I want men, and women, all ages, all backrounds, all races, all countries, all shapes, sizes, levels of symtoms, holistic people, and people that use medications, EVERYONE!!! So, I want to hear from ALL OF YOU real soon!! LOL Thanks to everyone that is participating already!! You have been a big help.


    Thanks again!
  2. garyandkim

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    Want a husband and wife with FMS and CFS. We have one son dxed with FMS but, he is not interested. He doesn't want to commit.

    Kim and Gary
  3. Jen F

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    esp if they can cook and clean. I need a househusband! And a second income, even if social assistance might be nice. :)

    I find that men with CFS or FM are the easiest to be friends or intimate with cause they understand...

    Anyhow, want to say good luck with your book. I am so so happy you are doing this, will be another good resource/tool/sharing vehicle for us.

    I think you will have plenty of contributors, so I'm not planning to bother, esp since my story is long, convoluted, detailed, complicated and I'm in Canada. I think clearer, more easy to follow stories would be best for your book. Also, I'm strapped with trying to deal with my very painful neck problem right now in addition to the fatigue.

    but, I very much look forward to purchasing your book.

    What's the ETA? 2 years?

    Best wishes, and my thanks.

    Jen F
  4. tandy

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    Quick question about this! Does it matter how long or how short we tell our story??Can we basically just say what we feel about CF or FM?and how its ruined our lives~ How &when it started,yada-yada??Our limitations? I can spill my guts out or I can keep it short?? I'm gonna work on it soon......I know, I said that yesterday!!LOL I'm flaring bad and I'm going in on a joint venture with my SIL....we're having a garage sale tomorrow!!what a pain in the ying-yang!! let me get thru this sale,then I can relax and write a lil something~
  5. Chelz

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    Kathryn, I just had to laugh when I read your title. Sorry, I can't help with this one, because I was always LOOKING FOR MEN TOO, LOL. Now, I just look for my magnesium and hot water bottle, LOL. I couldn't resist and had to post anyway cause you made me laugh and I needed it today. Hugs, Chelz.
  6. Mikie

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    I'm like the Marines, always looking for a few good men :) I have different plans for them, though. Good luck with your book.

    Love, Mikie
  7. kmelodyg

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    I though that would get your attention!!! I wanted to throw a little something in there to make you guys laugh too. We can never get enough of that!!

    Gary and Kim, I am EXTREMELY INTERESTED in working with you both! Yours has to be a amazing and different story! Please Please Please e-mail me ASAP!!!!!!!!

    Tandy, i sent you an e-mail today that covers some questions that could help you with ideas on what to write. I would prefer that you write a LONG story, with as much detail as possible! That will give me alot of information to work with. Don't worry about rambling. Just ramble on!!!!!

    Thanks guys!! I hope to hear from you all soon!!

    Lots of love to all of my fibro friends~~

  8. garyandkim

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    long term but, if you want I can do most of it. I'll be uppere and lower scoped Mon and Wed I'm haveing a bone chip, Arthritis and a cyst and then bone spurs removed. So I'll have some time to work on this.

    I think there are a couple other couples here with these and the other with something else maybe you should ask for them.

    Do we all get a free copy? Just couldn't resist asking.

    Take care, Kim and Gary