Looking for some one in the Rochester ny area to talk to!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pippi2000, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. pippi2000

    pippi2000 New Member

    Need and want friends to talk to about anything. I cant talk to my family because they really dont understand me. I'm like the black sheep in my family lol. Hope to hear from anyone soon. Are you a blacksheep also?
  2. pippi2000

    pippi2000 New Member

    Need and want friends to talk to about anything. I cant talk to my family because they really dont understand me. I'm like the black sheep in my family lol. Hope to hear from anyone soon. Are you a blacksheep also?
  3. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Welcome to the board. I am afraid I am very far from you, I live in Louisiana, but I know a terrific lady that lives in New York that comes to the board now and then, hopefully she stops by tonight and sees your post.

    Its sad, but true, but we are not easily understood with these illnesses.

    Yes, I guess I was born a Black Sheep! I don't know another soul like myself! Maybe I am a 'green sheep' I am so different!

    I hope someone is around your area that you can relate too, it is hard, I know.

    I have never met another human that suffers from Fibro. I have friends with back problems, diabetes, etc, but no one with Fibro! Without this board, I would be lost again.

    Before I came here, I really didn't talk about how I felt(except to my husband and children), it just got to the point that I could not function as well as others, so I simply got away from those who wanted me to do things that are beyond me anymore. Having to turn down invites was a problem too, we never know how we are going to feel, so we can't make longterm commitments, I simply gave this up.

    I sure hope someone comes along in your area soon. If you post drops to the bottom of the board, just bump it back up so others can see it in the morning.

    Again, welcome to the board, and I sincerely hope you find a few friends here.

    Shalom, Shirl

  4. queenbee69

    queenbee69 New Member

    Hi pippi2000! I'm not in Rochester, but I'm in Syracuse! We're neighbors......is that close enough? Ha! As a matter of fact I was a blacksheep growing up! So, in your post you didn't specify whats going on with you. I, like everyone else on this board, is hear to try and help, if only but to listen. Give me a holler back! queenbee69
  5. pippi2000

    pippi2000 New Member

    yes let me say more, going up was really hard because what ever I did was not good enough in anybodys eyes. But as i get older I relize that it's not me, it's them. Even now , married and two children my family is still trying to ruin my life with my emtions. I could go on and on......but I wont. thanks for writing, keep in touch
  6. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    My cousin lives in Rochester and he is a physician. Do you want his name and phone number? He's a very nice person!

  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I'm located in NY....Rome to be exact.Its quite a drive to Rochester but my best friend goes there every other weekend to visit her sister.I just hate the 6 lane highways, going 75 miles an hr!!!too scary for my tired bones.Any way...I'm 39 yrs old and have 3 boys(one grown and on his own)the others are 10 and 6.I have FM and endometriosis.Its hell but it could be worse!I'm not so much as the black sheep in the family......but I"m only close to a couple sisters and my MOM.(she also has FM, so she can relate to my misery)I'm from a very large family 9 of us!I'm the sick one!Always have a cold,or sinus or bad back.(I'm the hypochondriac of the bunch!LOL)so they say!
    Nice to meet you and hope to hear more of you.What brings you here?FM or CF? Take care,and be in touch!
    Warm regards,
  8. karbear

    karbear New Member

    Hello Pippi, how funny to meet someone from Rochester,NY. I moved to SC four years ago and lived in Rochester my whole life prior to moving(34 years). To be exact I lived in Farmington NY for the last 8 before we moved here. So how is good ole Rochester, I have many family and friends still there. I can tell you I don't miss the cold and snow!!! Especially with my achey ole bones!!! lol..lol..lol..When it is rainy here and dreary I can tell before I climb out of bed...ouch!!! I would love to chat anytime you need someone to talk with. I was diagnosed just recently and its been rough. I was diagnosed last year with breast cancer,did the mastectomy,chemo and now I'm on five years of preventive meds.I firgured when this mess was over that I would resume my life back to somewhat normalcy..NOT !!! Now I have this,,,guess there will be no more normal..ohhhhh how I miss those days !! well all there is to do now is just keep on going and except each day as it is given to us ...What have you been diagnosed with? Hope you're feeling good today...god bless,,karin
  9. pippi2000

    pippi2000 New Member

    Thank you for responding to my ad. Where a really close to each other. I'm really sorry to hear that you have breast cancer. That is so sad. How are you doing? Do you have alot of support? If you ever need a friend to talk to I'm here.
    I live in Greece in Rochester. I have two children my daughter is 11 yrs old and my son is 7. I'm married to a great guy. So alot of my spare time I use the computer for like a ecaspe from everything. Well keep in touch. God bless,Tracey
  10. karbear

    karbear New Member

    Hi Pippi, glad to hear back from you. I have family from Greece also. What a small world. I have a wonderful family, five kids and a wonderful husband ,who has been here with me every step of the way. But sometimes no one understands what this FMS does to me,,,but they try to understand..its really tough and I would love someone to talk with . Always looking for a online buddy.Hope you're feeling good today and have a great weekend. Look forward to chatting with you soon.God Bless, Karin
  11. pippi2000

    pippi2000 New Member

    Hi karin,
    I just have a question. What is fms? I see alot of people talking about that. Have a good night.
  12. karbear

    karbear New Member

    Hello again, actually I am assuming it was for Fibromyalgia syndrome,,guess after thinking maybe its wrong!!!! lol..lol..that is what I have is Fibromyalgia,how bout you? This website is new to me,i'm just trying to learn all I can about this. Hope you have a good evening. God Bless,karin