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    I too like many women on this board suffer with fibromyaglia. I can relate very well. I had to stop work back in may because i had surgery on my foot, so im told know the other one is messed up too. I cant stand longer than a hour without pain. I've had fm for about 6 or seven years now. I have taken all kinds of pain medications now on amitriptyline, it helps alittle at night i sleep alittle better. I am trying now for disability and wondering if anyone who has been through it can tell me what to expect. I also would not mind sharing my experiences.

    thanks, desperate for help
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    got excellent response from the ladies. Actually info was terrible (Ie: can't believe these stupid insurance cos put us thru all of this) but it was good to know I wasn't the only one getting a run around for disability.
    Do a search for re: disability
    I think that's how I phrased the question.
    Good luck!
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