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    Hi, I left you a message yesterday, but I think it got buried. If you see this, I would like to know more about neuro-psychological testing and how yours came out. Thank you.

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    Hope you see this.

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    I didn't see your message yesterday, but I'm glad you persisted. My neuro-cognitive testing was done for my SSDI case, which is currently at the ALJ stage. I have also submitted it for consideration in my disability retirement case, which is still in appeal also.

    I was tested by a neuropsychologist. First he did an interview and then followed up with several types of testing. Originally I was scheduled to be there one morning, but I became so fatigued during the testing that he stopped it and asked me to return on a another day.

    The report was 13 pages long, however I can tell you some of what was in the summary. Unfortunately I do not have any of the testing I took in school which would have shown my original IQ.

    All I can say is that school was easy for me. I really didn't study, except in calculus, until I got to college. I graduated 9th out of over 700 in my high school class and had a 3.86 GPA in college. So my IQ would be presumed to be above average.

    In the testing it came out with a verbal score of 109, performance scale of 107 and a full scale score of 109. That is average, supposing the normal 10 point deviation in such testing. I know this from my years as a teacher.

    In his summary he wrote that I present a well-defined neurocognitive syndrome, characterized by a dysfunction/hypofunction of prefrontal related cognition. My impairments may be the end product of a multi-causal chain, which would correspond to my gradual onset CFIDS and FMS.

    He continues to say that my baseline cognitive impairments are functionally disabling. I am functioning only marginally within ithe simplified confines of my own household, and I "forget to remember" basic ADL's, in spite of the invariant daily patterns I maintain to attenuate the likelihood of neglect.

    That would correspond to my style of teaching which was highly organized and routine to assist the many children with learning disabilities who were in my classes each year. In fact, as my cognitive function began to decline rapidly I often said I now understood what my LD kids had lived with.

    Then he goes on to say that the functional effect is that of repeated "sundown effects" throughout my day, following the exertional mental effort. I really become sluggish, disoriented and cognitively helpless as in the case of early nocturnal sundown effect seen in the classic dementia cases of the elderly.

    Later he mentions the reasons he thinks I have these problems and that I am adaptationally compromised.

    I hope this is helpful to you.

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    I didn't understand everything you said, but I think I get the idea. I will post about my own testing after it is done. Thank you.