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  1. SallyD

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    Does anyone know of any legitimate work at home opportunities? Most I've looked into seeem to charge a fee to start and either never pay you for your efforts or stop providing opportunities to work after a couple of months.

    Like many of the rest of you, I was "laid off" 16 months ago. I've been unable to find a new job. Because of FM, most entry level jobs won't work. I can't walk or stand for long periods, or lift much.

    I was a successful manager for several years. After my minor back injury 3-1/2 years ago and the FM that miraculously appeared afterwards, I gained over 60 pounds.
    I went back to work 6 months after the injury and worked for over a year. Despite the pain I only missed about 8 days of work that year. But it never seemed to matter how hard I worked. Employees who were on workers comp for more than a few days were considered to be taking advantage. Then they laid me off without warning.

    Now I'm over-qualified for most jobs. The employers who will grant me an interview see a fat, 53 year-old lady with a noticeable limp. I have spent my life savings looking for treatments and trying to get through this all.

    Now I really need help finding a way to support myself until I can retire at 65. I've been blessed with a fairly high IQ and I still haven't found any answer.

    Can you offer any suggestions?


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    I'm unable to work right now . . . I managed a lobbying office in washington dc for 15 years until I got CFS. I was helping a friend look for a new job on Monster and Hot Jobs (you can figure out the web address from that). Under Sales there were some account reps jobs that were work from home. Also, there was a site I found called Elance that does freelance work you bid on of all different types (copywriter, editor, but non literary things too . . . accounting and such) . . . you could check these out and see if you see anything that would work for you.

    My best to you . . . Terri
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    Bump...important for those that need income due to this illness! Pammy
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    If u feel up to it go to yard sales check out EBAY find out what is selling buy item you know will move & post them . It willl take u a month or so but you will catch on. Also be sure & charge enough shipping & handling that was my big mistake when I started

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    I'm going to check out homecareersearch
    It's a $29 fee but they have listings of big companies that are looking for people to work from them as 'telecommuters' (from home).

    Haven't signed up for it yet, but probably will do so today. I'll let you know.

    I'm in the same situation. Been in management for about 20+ years and was laid off last year. Haven't been able to find work since. I've sent out over 300 resumes with only 3 interviews...all 3 said I'm over-qualified. I told them, so what? I NEED WORK!

    Now we're dealing with the fear of wondering, with these DD's, IF I'll even be able to work full-time.

    I live in a small town so jobs are scarce and the biggest source of employment here is Wal-Mart. I know I can't stand on my feet all day, so I haven't even applied there. But most places here don't even offer much more than minimum wage, which, given my health problems, makes it hardly worthwhile to work there. It's not worth working with a flare for minimum wage. I too need a desk job with minimal moving around.

    I'll let you know if I hear of anything. At one time e-lance was a good place to go, but now I think they charge for membership.

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    This has been my same situation this late year and 1/2. Laid off from job in CO, moved to small town in NM to be near daughter and grandkids. Been Admin Asst for 30 years, but definitely over-qualified for jobs here and I knew that before I moved. Check with your state labor or unemployment office regarding the WIA or similar program. Be sure you tell them that you are a DISPLACED worker and overqualified. Each state is different, but ask them if they have a program that will PAY for you to go to school. Also ask them about unemployment benefits you may be able to collect while going to school. I decided to take a Medical Transcription course which is totally on-line and when you finish (within a year or sooner), you can work from home. This course can be done 24/7 at your own pace. When you finish course, they will help you find a job and most of them you can work at home and set your own hours. I decided on this because I was having such trouble with vertigo and dizziness that there were weeks when I couldn't drive myself and I will finish this course in a fairly short time. I am doing this course through my community college so I would check your community college also. If your college doesn't offer this and you're interested in it,the web site is www.careerstep.com . BE VERY CAREFUL about work-at-home jobs because there are a lot of scams out there, especially if they want money up front or for info books, catalogs of names, etc. Check with your Better Business Bureau BEFORE you send any money out. I have researched the possibility of home work for the last year, but hopefully this Medical Trans thing will work out for me. Brain fog is a big problem for me still, but this course is mostly memorizing terms and not processing thoughts AND I don't have to talk so I'm not embarrassed by the words I make up or how badly I mess up. I've noticed it's REALLY hard to find jobs after the age of 40. Good luck in your search. Leave me a message on this board if you want more information.
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    See it this finds you anything. I go here often and see if there is anything up my alley. Good luck on the job search.

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    I'm sure this isn't what you wanted but how about watching a child after school for a few hours in their home. Maybe like 3rd grader or something.