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    i am not sure if i can ask this but i am in need of medicine. i have lost my health insurance and i have run out of my meds for fibro/cfs. does anybody know where i can get these? i take cymbalta, elavil, flexiril, lorcet. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks in advance. Billie
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    There is a program called the Partnership for Prescription Drug Assistance, phone # 1-888-4PPA-NOW, they also have a website, pparx.org. I used them for a couple of meds before I got insurance. They are real helpful and most meds are on the list. (Have your doses and doctor's names when you call.) They help people who don't have insurance and can't afford their medication. I think you have to have a W2, or SS statement to prove you income for some of the meds. They will help you if you need it. Your doctor has to fill part of the paperwork out and he sends it off. Some of the meds come to you i think and some go to your doctor's office for you to pick up.

    In the meantime I know they sample Cymbalta. Maybe you could get your doctor to give you some samples?

    Hope the info is helpful to you. I remember what it was like not to have insurance. It is stressful, I know.


  3. suzetal

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    I called my doctor I was out of cymbalta.....I have ins. but still could not afford the co pay....Its 98.00..........He gave me a whole months supply......Ask your doctors..........If any of your meds are made by Lilly you can fill out a form on line for free meds.....Your doctor also needs to fill out a form they will keep you in supply as long as you stay in the same financial situation........Also google the other company's many do it.

    Good Luck


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