Looking to Start Support Group - Would like Input

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by FriendThroughFear, Nov 17, 2002.

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    Looking to Start Support Group - Would like Input 11/17/02 07:35 PM

    Does anyone have any input about the idea of a person (me) starting a support group for people who are so afraid to get tested for STD's including HIV that they don't get tested. I would like to start a group so that people going through the anxiety and lonliness and fear, can have someone solid to lean on and talk to through the whole testing process. The Drug users and dealers as well as others at high risk, aren't going to be the ones to get tested, it is up to the partners to do it. Unfortunately, it is scarier than so much of the ignorant portion of our society realizes, that we often feel more alone than we have to. I have been through it. I tested positive for Herpes, and negative for HIV, but regardless to how the test results came out, we need to be there for each other. Does anyone have input on how to start a "real" support group? I'm here to listen to any and all of what anyone has to say.


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    first let me say we do have an AIDS board and there is a lot of support there not only for AIDS, but HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. there are many boards here the we all use for different reasons..and i'd like to think that if i was wanting to be supported i could go there. if your wanting an in person support group, then you need to be clear about that part.....if you know friends who need support, have them check out all our boards, my bet is they will find one they need.
    there are many..abuse, caregivers, aids, addiction, depression, just click on "boards" up top and it will pop a page up for you to choose from.

    thanks for posting!
    have a great day