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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tigger57, Aug 25, 2005.

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    Well, I kind of knew it was coming, the rheumatologist decided on trying the duragesic patch for my fibromyalgia. He works one day a week with my PCP and she told him how stubborn I am so when I started to protest a little bit he told me, "Your doctor already told me that you're stubborn and removed your own stitches from your head. Frankly, I don't know how you saw them. But, anyway, the reason you are seeing me is because you want help with the pain, that's what I'm here for."

    I pretty much didn't have a lot to say after that. I suggested a liquid form, but he said it wouldn't help long term. It would go through my system and I'd absorb some, but still would be unpredictable.

    The reason my doctor went with the patch is because I had gastric by-pass surgery to lose weight. I have no stomach acids to break anything down... it gets broken down in the lower end of the intestine.

    Like I said, I tried to argue a little... but he asked me if I went to him because I trusted him. I said I haven't decided yet, but my PCP does and I trust her. So, now we see what happens. I'm just glad there is nothing on the calendar for the next few days to see how I react. I'm one of those people who can take something one time and have a totally different reaction the next time. Doesn't make it easy.

    I really liked the idea that he wants me as pain free as "possible". He realizes that pain free does not really exist with fibro, we just reach for what we can. He said until they find a "cure" we will never be 100% pain free we will try to shoot for as much as we can.

    He also explained a constant (or almost constant) amount of pain reliever in one's system is much better then waiting until you are in tears before you take something (which is what I do). He actually believes the ups and downs of high pain and low pain hurt us more in the long run.

    Can you believe that a doctor actually believes all of this stuff about fibro. I'm so darned impressed.

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    I am so happy for you, Tigger. A doctor who really wants to help with pain and isn't afraid of the DEA or whatever is a rare bird. I'm glad you found him.

    I am going back to my old PCP whom I had to give up when he was no longer a provider on our insurance. Long story short, he is now, and I'm headed back. He was always very insightful and helped me enormously when I first had my breakdown. He has always trusted me and has given me pain relievers. I hope I'm not disappointed, but I'm used to that. Just another set-back that I will overcome.

    So...congratualations on you relief...I hope all goes well. I'm a "wait-until-you -hurt-horribly-and-then-take-a -pill person" also. Just is a never ending cycle of stress. Let me know how you are feeling.

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    could you send that doc this way please? Someone who wants you to be as pain free as possible has my vote.
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    Tigger, I'm happy you are able to try the patches. Hope you get good results from them.

    I think anyone who is able to get any decent pain meds are lucky. I'm the type to wait for pain until I take a pill too.

    My only thought is when I finally run out, some time next year, will I be able to get more meds or will what I got in May be it? That really concerns me... To get used to pain meds and then be cut off.

    Let us know how the patch works for you.

  5. Tigger57

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    So far it hasn't done much of anything for me. The doctor did say, however, that he's certain he'll have to adjust the dosage. He just wanted to be sure I had no really bad reaction to it.
  6. Tigger57

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    So far I've had very little relief, but have also had NO adverse reactions.

    The doc started me at a low dose knowing that he would have to increase it. He just wanted to make sure I didn't have any horrible reactions to it.