Looks like I might get a break on my house payment, too

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    Again, another poster's comment about being legally disabled according to the ADA, led me to call my local real estate property tax authority. I told them that although I was not receiving SSD at this point, I was diagnosed as disabled by more than one doctor and I did fit the description of disability from the ADA, so what do they need from me to give me a disability exemption on my property taxes? I already have a homestead exemption, but adding the disability exemption to it would really save me big bucks on my mortgage payment.

    The lady told me that she would mail me the form and all I have to supply is 2 letters from 2 different doctors stating that I am disabled and unable to work at all. Then they will approve the exemption. The processing time is about 8 weeks, so I should see some relief in that area soon. Both of my doctors have already agreed to do the letters, as soon as I can tell them what is needed in each.

    I love this board -- so many wonderful suggestions and experiences that are so helpful. :)