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    I've had 2 small cuts on hand, Saturday a thin metal fragment from a brillo pad embedded into myfinger pad and i didnt notice until I rubbed my hand with a towl and yelped when i pressed the metal thread. Got tweezers, alcohol, a needle i sterlized and began surgery. Spinter popped out, alcohol splashd okay Bacitracin then a bandaid. that was SAturday and by Tues morning I couldnt bend my finger, it was red and almost purple, I couldnt touch or press it.

    I just went to my docs office, this happened 2x in a month--I'm on antibiotics, now with 2 refills to keep as reserves.

    what interesting for me is how my body exhibits some issue that requires antibiotics--and when I finally obtain the med, its like a heavy black cloud lifts...

    i left my office piled down with =paperwork and took the train for an hour to go home. Walked home frm busm digging in my bag, no keys, dump eveything on car fendor, look thru everything,no keys. Tis means i walk 20 minutes back to subway, 1 hour trip back to office, get keys and a 4th return trip home. I couldnt do the subwau again and took a taxi home.
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    Even if "only a splinter".
    Let's see, .....I think I would prefer one of the triple antibiotic ointments to bacitracin. Some bacteria are not sensitive to bacitracin.

    For me,(of a pro-antibiotic persuasion) I like to take a course of antibiotics twice a year or so. Gives me a lift also.

    Perhaps a wrist bracelet with key attached? I could use something like that. I tend to just leave door unlocked a lot......but suppose that wouldn't work in NY!

    Meanwhile, I'd best bicycle home (along main road) before anything happens to keep me at work longer.

    Very scientifically, Your mrmadscientist Bill
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    I caught MRSA in the hospital. But I didn't have a cut or scratch or wound of any kind! Apparently, I got the infection right in my bloodstream.

    Be careful! That's serious stuff!!!!!

    Lotsa luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    dear reallytrulymadscientistprobioticlovermrbill
    i know transmission may be breaking up alot up there in the mountains so you're not up on the latest string of loonies looting and walking off with women and kids, but dont leave the cave door unlatched even if its only you and a bunsen burner.

    i bought a tube of neosporin x3 last month and one of the cats must have been playing doctor, i couldnt find it this week. my doc told me to keep betadine around as well.

    every once in a while i'll ask my doc about things that seem pertinent to the case (!) long term antibiotic therapy, the deep brain stimulation stuff and it seems now that she 'files' my questions away under 'L' for Loon or G for Garbage because they're never answered, this woman is so busy from 7am until lord know what hour, she barely comes up for air. I should not be bothering her with stupid questions, just the meds and report in...and be grateful I finally found someone that is treating multiple physical problrms.

    BTW, the only humans who wear their 'key's on one of the curly plastic coiled bracelets are the those that ride the short buses to rehab...I was considring a lanyard tho. IN the meantime I hooked them to the inside of my bag so they go where the bag goes, if the bag goes, everything goes and I dont want to be around after that.

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    If its not one thing....

    You poor thing! I am glad you got the antibiotic started! I hope it clears up soon.

    I am loosing my keys, credit card, and cell phone all the time...thank goodness I do not go very far from home and can drive to and fro. One day I came from the doctor office with prescriptions....by time I got home...they disappeared! I tore up the house, my purse, the car. I called the doctors office thinking I left it there. Nope....so they rewrite them for me and I drive back to the Dr. office again that day. Sure enough, two days later I find the original prescriptions sitting on my kitchen table.

    This type of thing happens to me at least once a week! I am not sure its a product of the Fibro or all the drugs I take for it!? I also keep asking questions to my docs about this and they give me a blank look. ( like you so perfectly said...filed under loon or garbage )

    Say hi to the Boo boys for me...

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    Perhaps try an Emergency room in a small upstate hospital. We've had about six ER patients in the last eight hours.....so there is time to communicate with the doctor.....and even with the lab tech!

    I tend to lose things also. Generallly, I've gotten so I pause when going out and run through a quick list: Key, Id card, shoes, comb, debit card. Then I review the reason why I want to go out.

    My most recent shocking moment came when I tried brushing my teeth with hydrocortisone cream. The taste made me quickly realize mistake. Cheers, mr bill