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  1. granmama

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    I think the Oxycotin 10mg twice daily is going to work. I'm not nauseated as with the 20mg, I just get fuzzy and sleepy. I also noticed at night it is hard to sleep, like I'm so sleepy, I can't sleep.
    Anyone else have that problem?
    I hope this all will soon go away as my body/brain gets used to the drug. I have learned that I must take my blood pressure med at the same time in the morning. I didn't do that with the first dose and my heart was racing!

    It is helping with my pain, but I can tell when the next 12hr dose is coming up that pain/stiffness starts creeping back.

    Hopefully, this is the pain med for me. The pain specialist prescribed it, with no refills. So, I have to go back each month to get a script. I guess that is the norm for controlled drugs. I know my grandson has ADHD and he must return each month for his scripts.

    Any advice as to how long the fuzzies will last?


  2. tammyinwv

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    I am glad you found some relief.I have been putting off taking any pain med on a regular basis.So I opted for Oxy IR which is an immediate release form of oxycontin instead of extended form which is absorbed thru out the day.Mine is for immediate relief,and taken only as needed.When I am needing them on a more regular basis,the fuzziness does disappear. your body adjust to the medication.But once off for awhile during decent times,they cause me to be fuzzy headed again.
    I also have the sleep problem. I go to bed exhausted,but cant get to sleep.Its like my brain wont shut off.Then I have periods when all I do is sleep.I think that is another typical side effect of fm.I take ambien for sleep occasionally.I feel it really does help.and doesnt make me feel groggy the next day.
  3. JP

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    for you. And yes, this medication is a triplicate prescription and controlled in a way that refills are not legal. I have not tried this one, and I may. I am happy you are adjusting to it.

    Take care,
  4. Mikie

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    I'm glad you have found something to help for you pain. Jelly just posted on meds which interfere with Stage IV sleep. I can't remember whether oxy is on the list or not. Many narcotics do interfere with sleep. When I took Morphine, it caused headaches and interferred with my sleep even though it made me feel sleepy.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have taken Morphine in an iv form at the hospital. It makes me sleepy, actually too sleepy to sleep, but the pain goes away real fast. Pain specialist shook his head...no to morphine, thinks it's too much. But, then out of the other side of his mouth is talking about how high a mg dosage we could go with the oxycotin. GO FIGURE?

    I don't think this doc works with many FM patients. I was hearing patients talk, about MS, car wrecks, back injuries.
    But, at least I have someone to listen and understand that I actually have pain, though I look the norm....whatever that might be?
    And best of all, I have you guys!!!!

    granmama hugs to all,