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    I noticed from your bio that you are in the UK...whereabouts? I am in Liverpool. How is the acupuncture going...I've considered that but can't afford it right now. I have not even tried for DLA yet as I don't think I could cope with the extra stress right now. I have CFS and also problems with chemical sensitivity. I have more bad days than good but I'm glad I still have the occasional good day. I thought I was young..this hit firstly when I was 28 (31 now) but I had lots of seemingly unrelated symptoms happening way before that...now with the CFS diagnosis I can see that they were all part of the same picture! I got diagnosed with Fibro before the CFS and the doc now thinks I have both. The worst thing for me besides the fatigue is the constant headache I suffer...every day, sometimes tolerable and sometimes absolutely horrific.

    I have a lovely b/f too and also a dog, Trixie (a rescue dog)...you must miss your dog a lot...they become so much more than pets, don't they?

    I don't go to a support group but maybe you should and convince that dad of yours to go along with you... :)

    I am being treated at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and God knows what'll happen whent he programme of treatment is over! It is a Graded Exercise Programme (very controversial) and has not helped me one bit! The nurse there annoys me...every time I try to tell her that something isn't working for me, she says 'Michelle, you have to hear me' or 'Michelle, I want you to understand' blah de blah!! What does she understand!

    Well, I just thought I'd introduce myself to a fellow UK'er! If you see this and wanna reply, it'd be nice to hear from you!
    Hey, you were lucky to get the DLA first time...they are suckers from what I've heard! Let me know how the acupuncture goes! Hope it works for you! Did you see that TV programme last week about acupuncture: a girl in Tokyo had open heart surgery fully conscious using acupuncture to control the pain....she didn't feel a thing..amazing!

    Anyway, keep your chin up and if you want cheering up any time go to my profile and have a look at the pic of my dog!

    Take care, Shelbo
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