Lord Help Me!!

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    Hello all chit chatters!

    Sorry, I've been gone so much lately but Randy has been laid off for two weeks and continually hogs the computer. He just laid down for a nap.

    I tell ya --- having him home lately is driving me crazy! I told him today I just can't take much more of having him around all day.

    The man is putting me into flares left and right. When he isn't on the computer he is bugging me to get household chores taken care of and cleaning and organizing. I go one day feeling good and then two days feeling awful and just laying in bed or sleeping. On an average I've been sleeping around 18 hours a day.

    It would be nice if I could escape but Jackson's having trouble with his truck so he has been using Randy's truck. Then Randy uses my car and I'm stuck at home. BTW, shopping with Randy is horrible. He looks over each thing twice and then never ends up buying what we went shopping for. OMG, and he loves to browse at everything and then come home and look up different prices on the internet.

    How do you ladies cope with your hubbies when they are retired and home?

    All I keep saying today is Lord Help me I'm gonna kill him!

    Thank you for letting me vent
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    I will not let my DH retire. He broke his ankle a few yrs. back and was home for a wk., a very LONG, LONG week! No, he can't retire!

    Good luck. My sympathy is with you!

  3. Granniluvsu

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    I know what you mean but I suppose I shouldn't complaine. DH has been home and retired for about 15 years already. I cannot believe it. He got an early retirement package at that time and it is good that he did cause now they are not giving away half as much in medical and such.

    He has been busy with the Knights of Columbus and also playing golf but now with the down turn in the economy he has vbeen pondering the possibility of turning in his golf membership to seave money. Now, if he does tht he will have the computer alot and Iwon't since we only have one - just like you. In some ways I think he is mellowing with age but other times not so. The weather has also been stinky lately so he has not been playing that much.. Of course we havae had the holidays so that has not been to bad.

    He is like Randy who likes to get things done and by neat and orderly as they say. His dear mom was a wonderful lady but she must have been obsessive about the cleaning. Well, if you know me you know I don't have the energy to do it but I do force myself to do some every now and then like when we have company coming (-: !!

    Also, I like you enjoy or should I say like to go shopping better without him cause then I can take my time and get things done. Evenwith the list we can miss stuff with him and get what he thinks we need. I do love him but boy 47 yers we have been married and it is a good thing I have patience. However he probably needs some to deal with me . He complains about an ache heer and an ache there but he really doesn't have a clue about having pain all the time.

    I guess that is many men for you esp those who are only children. He is dying with a runny nose. I keep going with pneumonia and bronchitiis and constant pain and I am sure that many others are this way too. Maybe not all but many especially if they were only children, like mine. He just moans and groans with each and every pain.

    Well, I am also sure Monica that you and many others are younger than I so you will have your husband's working for more years. So, don't worry when his time comes you will work it out (if you don't kill each other first sometimes(-: !! I can also be in the middle of something andhe wants me to come and go someplace with him or do something right away - no waiting either. He is always wanting company.

    However, in talking to other wives who have lost their husbands, they would love someone to be with them to pester each other once in awhile So I guess we just have to put up with it I guess. However, I do understand believe me.

    Thanks for posting this Monica and good luck to you and Randy. Just remember that you would miss him if he weren't around too (even if he can drive you crazy sometime).



    You were talking about venting well thank you for posting so I can vent too !!
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  4. sixtyslady

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    Hang in there,my hubby retired last yr at this time and it has taking us this whole year to adjust.and its still not perfect.
    I"m a morning person grant it ,I"m slower to get started anymore with the pain that we feel.
    when we get up I go in the bathroom wash my face brush my teeth and comb my hair.
    then I head for my cup of coffee and start letting the dogs out,well d/h just can"t get the routine with the dogs he has them running everywhere so I just told him I like to watch GMA,to sit down and be quiet,then I start breakfast while he goes out and does chores,he comes back in and I already have eaten and he has his breakfast.
    We don"t do everything together,I have my own car and he has his truck,so I get a chance to go off by myself. and he spends alot of time outside.
    I still go out with my sister and my daughters I think he,s glad to get rid of me.
    We have cell phones and he takes a cart and I take my own when we shop together and then call and meet at the front of the store.
    works out well.
    but sometimes we just go for rides and really enjoy each other and talk about what we want to do in the next few months .
    even when gas prices where high we go for our country rides about once every 2 weeks it just helps to get out of the house.
    Just tell him you need your own space.and if he wants to clean give him a room to do and go read a book.
    Sometimes its hard for them to know what to do we make list of things that need to be done and my hubby just looks at the list and goes from there.
    My hubby is very forgetful so I even have to include the things outside that need to be done. Hang in there it will all work out. 60,s Lady
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    My husband took early retirement a few years back and has become my carer.

    Now this is great when I'm confined to bed as I frequently am but.....when I have a good day and want to potter around the house, he is at my heels watching everything I do and telling me either NOT to do it or HOW to do it.

    I know I shouldnt be complaining as he does all the housework and cooks for me BUT aaaaaaagh! I just love it when he goes away to find wood to saw for the fire or for our shopping. Peace and quiet.

    I find it hard to keep my mouth shut though it makes for an easier life.

    I sympathise, I really do.

  6. fibromickster

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    LOL, you are so funny. Boy, if Russ stayed home I think I would have to get a full time job when I retired just to get away from him.

    I do love him lots, but not when I have to be around him 24 hours a day. LOL.

    I really feel for you. At least when summer is here, you can get outside more often and get away.