LORD, Help My UnBelief

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    LORD, Help My UnBelief

    Everything is possible for him who believes
    (Mark 9:23 NIV).

    When we study this story of the LORD Jesus healing
    the boy with an evil spirit we see that what the
    LORD values is faith or a trust in His character and
    His promises. This can be very hard for the one
    who has had to endure chronic pain or illness for
    any length of time. If we are honest with
    ourselves, it sometimes can be hard to believe in a
    good God when He does not stop our hurting.

    The father in this story did not wish to disbelieve
    Jesus when he cried out "LORD, I believe; help mine
    unbelief." But He had put His hope in the disciples
    of Jesus and they had let Him down by not being
    able to help his son.

    But Jesus cannot resist the cry of the broken and
    needy and when the man cried out to Him in
    desperation Jesus brought healing to the son and
    hope and joy to the Father.

    And, dear one, Jesus is the same today. When
    we cry out to Him, even if we don't yet believe
    fully in Him, He will respond to us. He is drawn
    to human need and longs to help us. He let the
    Father in this story get to an end of everything else
    is a cure for His son, but when the Father cried out
    to Jesus, Jesus brought His healing to the situation.

    He says to us, who are hurting today, "For the
    LORD comforts his people and will have
    compassion on his afflicted ones (Isaiah 49:13b

    Oh, dear child, turn to Jesus. He is waiting for
    you with open arms to turn to Him. He may not
    bring physical healing to you in this life, but He
    will in eternity and He longs to make you whole
    today so that you might have His peace and joy in
    spite of your circumstances. He will also bring
    you satisfaction to your longing heart and a reason
    and purpose for living.

    About the Author: Virginia has struggled with
    believing in a good God due to the fact that she
    was abused as she was growing up. But after many
    years of studying the life of Christ in the Bible,
    God has convinced her of His goodness.


    Compliments of Rest Ministries, serving people
    Who live with chronic illness or pain.