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  1. LorieV

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    Hi everyone! It's me, Lorie! (40 yrs young - LOL., Stay at Home Mom/Wife, from Northeast PA.) It's been a very long time since I have visited this message board. I guess I didn't feel that I had a right to be here, since I couldn't get a Dr. to diagnose me, or even give me the time of day.

    Well, I think that is finally changing for me. After dealing with back trouble since I was a child (I have scoliosis of my spine) and then this horrible muscle and joint pain, for at least 15 yrs now, I have finally found a Lady Rheumatologist in Whitehall PA.,(Dr. Marzena Bieniek) whom actually believes in Fibromyalgia. She examined me, and said that she feels that I do have Fibro, but sent me for blood work and x-rays to rule other things out. She did notice the bumps or nodules on my toe joints and said it appears that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Walking is so painful. (shoes cause my feet to scream in pain) I may also have it in my finger joints. (or the hand pain could be coming from the Fibro)

    No anti-depressants prescribed yet, but she did give me a low dose of muscle relaxer, to take at bed time. It's only 5 mg, and isn't helping me yet. (but only taking it 2 weeks so far) Sometimes I think I should just stay up all night long, because I get so tired of tossing and turning. (frustrating) I told my husband to use a bungy cord, and bungy me fast to the bedroom door. I'll just sleep standing up. LOL.

    I HomeSchool my two kids, and they get such a big kick out of my brain fog episodes.

    Well, I thought I would share my news with all of you. I go back to Dr. Bieniek on April 6th, for the results of the blood work and x-rays.

    I love reading your messages. It helps me understand what I am going through. Now I know that I am not crazy. My pain is very real.
    Gentle Hugs,

  2. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Lots of good info and humor here.....also a place to vent......

    Welcome.......Blessings Susan
  3. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    So what do you think of Dr. Bieniek? I've been to her office once for a second opion and she confirmed the dx that Dr. Brown had susspected awhile ago. She seems like she really knows what she's talking about.

    Hope you find the right answers for what is happening to you so that you can start on the path to recovery and relief.

    By the way I live in Macungie. Are you closer to Dr. Bieniek then I am? That is one reason I haven't changed docs.

    Dr brown is a good doctor and has multiple offices around the valley and surronding areas.

    Take Care


    fellow Pa person
  4. foggygirl

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    Hi Lori (and Jake)

    I am from NE PA also. Like so many others here, I went the round of trying to find a doc that knew something about CF/FM and finally found one from this board. I'm so hopeful that he can help me; the first visit was encouraging, but after seeing doc's that had a "just toughen up" attitude, I remain optimistically sceptical.

    I tried to find some support groups w/in my area but no luck.

    Best to you.

  5. LorieV

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    Actually Dr. Bieniek was concerned about our travel time to get to her office in Whitehall, but it only takes us 40 - 45 minutes. She suggested that I go to a Rheumy in Stroudsburg, but that would take us 30 - 35 minutes. My Husband said he doesn't mind the extra ten minutes to go to Whitehall.

    She seemed very nice, and very thorough < (sp) I never had a Dr. who would order tests before. They all looked at me as if I was from another planet. LOL. Finally someone who seems to understand.

    Today might be a nasty day with my IBS. Tummy is hurting pretty much right now. Eating my oatmeal like a good girl. ;-) (trying to help things slide down better) LOL.

    Thanks again for the welcome! I'm really enjoying reading the boards.

  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    NOt far from you in upstate NY. Welcome. We aremeant to get warmer weather this week, right? That may help.

    I think several people who come here have not received dx due to doctors mainly as they clearly have the DD.

    I have to go as I just had a filling fall out, but will talk later on another post. Welcome.

    Love Anne C

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