Lorraine Day MD and ex cancer patient on supplemnents

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    I have 2 of lorraine's videos sorting thru the maze of alt. medicine treatmetns and YOu can't improve on God

    She was in serious trouble with lymp and breast cancer,
    she's an MD she researched and research. and chose not to go with chemo or radiantion tried many altl. therapies before
    goign on jucing and mostly raw foods diet, NO she didn't have CFS

    I get fire up watching them, and i have a gut feeling she's right

    she tried the supplements, she found many supp. companies are middle men for pharm. cos.

    finally she chose getting nutrients thru food and juice and diet

    YES sounds great, but in reality, does it work for everyone,?

    True she says drugs don't cure the disease and she is not an ND an MD but she was referring I THINK to cancer drugs

    althoughshe said garden of eden diet she calls it fruti veggies grains juice will cure any illness over time

    all chronic ill. caused by 3 things and in part i think she's right

    l. malnutrition, American diet is rich in calories but poor in nutrition 75 yrs. ago, foods had more quality
    in last few yrs. 9,000 new processed foods added to shelves, streams polutte seafood, thanks to industry

    new food addvities,

    hormones antibiotics given to poultry and beef etc.
    mad cow disease prevalent in england

    2. stress, speaks for itself

    3. dehdraytion, lack of water sodium, juicing

    I know cheney has told me not to waterload but unfortunately i've become allergicly reactive to gookinaid and must juice and it's heck to try to do that on rotation asparagus juice YUK to get my sodium and potassium and this doesn't help NM H sympoms due to our low blood volume so what do you do,?

    WEll this is kind of in point with the supplment article

    My position, all supplements are not created equal,

    IDEally we would be well enough and have th $ and to juice and eat all organic foods

    in reality: many ofus too sick to do enough juciing and eating to get the nutrition to cells we need

    $ wise, most of us stay broke trying many things on disability and can't work

    I prefer whole food supplements to vitamin pills but wtih many food sensitivities many of those have things i can't rotate

    but do you know the quality of what's in any supplemnts

    or for that matter how good is our food due to farmign the same land yr. after yr.

    i was a citymanager and seen what the gov't requires to be put in the water

    well FOOD and water for thought.

    I know in my inner self there is a better way than what many of us are doing but finding that way in this modern world is very difficult.

    I live in rural w. ky.. and organic is not accessible

    I often wish i had the health and bucks i'd move to an area and spend my $ on a cadillac juicer, organic foods, and hire someone to raise my own sprouts lorraine is big on sprouts for the natural enzymes

    shemakes good points

    but again no magic bullets in cfs/fms

    god bless PM
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    ~Not only are we hurting from FM/CFS- and I know you are very sick with stuff, and bedridden most of the time- but we can drive ourselves crazy, in the pain, trying to sort through this issue of Organic/Natural/Alternative Medicine. Can we "get back to Eden"? No! We have screwed up our water/soil/air too much, I believe, and I don't think we have the time to reverse it, the way we are going now, do you? Are Suppliments Safe? Is natural food safe? Is even so-called Organic food safe? How can it be Organic if it was produced on this polluted Earth? Well, I'm just going to go ahead and take my pain med's, and be as sensible as I can and eat a healthy diet. I'm NOT going to add more STRESS to my OVER-STRESSED life by worrying about whether or not my pain med is toxic, OK?
    Hey, Paulmark! When you get that $$$ and buy some land.... Can I come with you? :)

    Lots o' Love to you,
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    I agree. God gave us what we needed to eat, and we have messed it up. Take a look at a show called Your Health on Family Net. It comes on around 12:00 in the south. It all about natural stuff and very informative. Have a blessed day!