LOSE THE FLUBBER GIRLS... What have you done TODAY?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kimba4318, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Kimba4318

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    HI Friends - From last thread, If you did not read. We are starting a Healthy Living - Hopefully weight Loss Thread here. Mamadove... like the name... It really is FLUBBER, isn't it.

    I'll start.... bought veggies and some bars, for on the go snacking. Those mini bags of popcorn are good too for when I am in the car and hungry. It stops me from rushing to the fast food joints. I am on the W.W. plan too ckahele.. worked great for me last year - lost a fairly quick 16 lbs. - I was os excited and then just gave myslef the excuse to eat whatever I wanted. I (sigh) gained 22 back... so mad at myself.

    I have eaten light today so far and the rain is crazy here today - but commit to walking tomorrow. No soda for 3 days.. I am a 2 soda a day person, so that is doing something. Crystal L(*&^ makes a great caff. free iced tea - I was surprised I liked that.

    Anyway - GOOD LUCK FRIENDS - take a walk or do a little something today and go to bed knowing you did GOOD! Let me know how you are doing. I have been a little cranky wihthout my comfort food, but realized I CAN get through it. Being in CONTROL of it feels almost better than that peanut butter bar....

    Big Hugs :)
  2. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    bumping for the bumps..
  3. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Count me in..

    I'm past trying to diet for vanity's sake..
    My discs and joints are deteriating and the doc said really the only thing I can do to slow down the degeneration is to lose weight.. UGH!

    I asked her if she had a magic bullit for weight loss.. no such luck - she says portion control and walking.

    So.. This morning one packet of plain oatmeal with cinnamin and splenda so I could take my meds..

    Have two boiled eggs and an apple with me for lunch..

    Haven't a clue on dinner yet.

    Glad someone else is at it.. always helps to have a support group!

    Ok... we can do this!! ( I must WALK tonight if it kills me!!)

    I think I can,I think I can,I think I can,I think I can...

  4. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    so far today:
    Diet Breakfast bar this morning
    a cucumber with that new spray dressing (it's actually not bad)
    a diet Lean CUI&^%% lunch meal
    Diet Iced Tea... and ofcourse coffee this morning.
    doing good so far - will try the treadmill tonight since the rain is so bad.
    Dinner - I need to figure something to make with chicken....
    Good Work!
  5. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member


    Today is the first day to a healthier life...

    Due to another flare, I will be going very slowly today but will attempt to paint part of the shed...Not real exercise but I am trying to benefit from the 'stretching' I will no doubt be doing...So for such a bad day, at least I am doing something...

    Went to the store this morning and only healthy things went in the cart...Yogurt, veggies, cheeses and fruits...I have some 'junk' I need to dispose of and will do so this weekend so as of Monday, NO MORE JUNK!

    I am looking forawrd to what every one else is going to do...As I said in another post, I am sick and tired and have been for 13 years, BUT I can look better and hopefully positive things will come from that alone...I want to get off the constant drain of thinking about all my illnesses and focus on ME, what's really inside...An energetic, passionate woman who remembers how great I once felt...I am not giving up on these dd's and finding out what helps, but I am getting it out of first place in my head...My head hurts from all this research and searching for 'cures'...

    Let's go ladies, let's put ourselves first for a change and try to remember how you once felt, at the times when these dd's were non-existent...It brings a smile to my face now when I look at old pics and thinking back to when I could walk without stiffness and pain...I may not be able to do it now at age 39, but my mind can take me there anytime I wish...Without hallucinogenics...tehe

    So come on and join us on our mission of losing the flubber and feeling better ABOUT ourselves...WE DESERVE THAT MUCH!!!

    Love to all~Alicia
  6. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    I too have started to watch what I eat and exercise more. The Amitriptylene my dr. told me can make me gain weight. I have always been fairly conscious of what I eat but I must admit that I have put on some pounds over the last year and I DO have a weak spot for treats. But then again, don't we all.

    My dr. told me to keep those things in moderation but not deny them to myself because that will just make your body crave them more and then you will end up (and I know I do) gorging on them later.

    Our puppy loves his walks so he gets me out of the house every day for a spin around a block or two.


  7. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    We have to forgive ourselves if we eat a treat once and a while - my problem was, I would eat something bad and say "oh well, might as well have another, etc, etc"

    You know how it goes, we gotta just jump back into it.
    Good Luck!!
  8. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    If i don't lose alittle i'm going to need new clothes, and i don't want to go there!!!

    I just decided to set a goal for myself of 1lb per week.
    After mindlessly munching thur a depression period, which i now only made me feel lousier!!

    I feel a clean diet can really help us, but it's so hard!!

  9. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    but gosh.. it's got to help with our energy level!

    I've gained probably 70 pounds since I got sick.. the 50 slowly then the last 20 when I started Cymbalta last year.

    I know for me I used to be very active. Belonged to a dance troop (country two-step, line dancing) danced for hours at a time. Now.. I go home for work I'm shot. Walking 10 - 20 minutes is a major challange without pain pills..

    Maybe I'll make my daughter dance with me! If we can think of something fun to do it would be easier I think.

    Remember back when we were HOT?? Ok.. hot mama's here we come!

  10. baanders

    baanders New Member

    Kimba, can you make sure we continue this campaign? We all need it so bad. I did loose 25 lbs over many months just cutting out carbs. No more casseroles. No more juice or soda or pasta.

    I just had a can of green beans. I need to go for a walk if it stops raining and buy a good scale to monitor weight loss.

    If you can do it, so can I!

  11. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    mmmmmmmmmmm!! your making me hungry!! Not for the green-beans.. for the pasta and cassaroles!! lol!
    Ok.. I'm slapping my own hands. Gosh girls. still don't know what to make for dinner. All I have at home is JUNK!

    Ok.. I think I'll order a Large Salad with grilled chicken from the restaurant. Use our own low cal dressing at home.

    Oh.. little tip girls! If your ever sick of salad dressings and want a little Mexican flavor - use a little enchilada sauce on your salad. Low Cal and tastes like a taco salad!

    Peace out.. everybody be good tonight!!

    Hugs to all..
  12. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    Is my favorite snack. I have a hard time cooking (in too much pain), so I have lost 10 pounds since last year, and I was already scrawny.

    So, I don't need to watch the flubber, but I do need to make sure I don't lose too much more weight! I gained 3 pounds since I got my puppy a few months ago. I think she keeps me going, and I try to eat when she does.
  13. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    Bumping up for the day...

    Am I the first one awake???
    Well, awake is not the right word...Upright??? More like it, but barely upright....

    Who sent Jack Frost up to Maine last night??? It's friggin winter up here...I couldn't move to get up, I was STUCK!!!

    Well, have my first cup of Joe in hand and intend on doing some more healthy things today...I'll be back to share my day...

    Stretch em out this morning and look in the mirror and tell yourself "I am beautiful and I am worth it"...I am trying to push through alot of pain and stiffness this morning, but I'll get there...Wimps, we are NOT...

    It's gonna be a good day...Join Me~Alicia
  14. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    I just needed someone to monitor me and have support. I figured the cost of the program vs. the cost of clothes. I lost 5.5 so far. They advise a loss of 1 - 2lbs a week.

    But, had to deal w/ sickness and a funeral this week, so just tried to watch what I ate w/ all the food given to our family. It was such a help w/ all the company we had.

    Anyway, I find the 100 cal. snacks, small dixie cups of ice cream, etc........all portion control. I was always a grazer anyway. I love the grilled fish in the freezer section. I use my toaster oven for that.

    I was surprised about the Smart Ones, how good they are.

    Anyway, I am learning to make better choices and it seems when you hit 30, you notice some weight gain, 40, there's more and 50, it happens faster!

    I use to walk in the field behind the house with my dog, but she has arthritis pretty bad, so it's a jaunt in the yard.

    So, let's share pointers here (pun intended).

    Lot's of luck to us all.

  15. marilynb

    marilynb New Member

    I have a problem though, that really is a weakness...

    I have trouble swallowing some pills, so the pain pills & muscle relaxers I take, I chew. I know, gross!! So, I always eat a 'few' kisses whenever I take a pill, which is a few times a day. The kisses have really contributed to a little weight gain & if I don't stop soon, I will just keep tacking on the pounds.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I could get the gross taste out of my mouth without eating high calorie candy afterwords? (I also use them as comfort when I am stressed)

    Please please please help. I'm addicted to chocolate!!

  16. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    I have found from reading the posts and talking w/ people, not everyone has the swallowing problems. I have a neck injury where the fibro settled and it affects the front of the neck and all the muscles in that area.

    I use applesauce or puddings and crush the pills up. If I go out, I will order foods that are easily swallowed. I am not a bigtime meat eater, thankfully, it is hard to swallow chunks of meat.

    I take supplements in capsule form and empty them out of the capsules into the applesauce or puddings or yogurts.

    Just another challenge in the world of Fibromyalgia. We are not alone, which is why I love this board.


  17. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    I love the idea of apples dipped in caramel sauce!
  18. marilynb

    marilynb New Member

    I have tried opening up a pill & putting it in something. It didn't seem to work for me. Of course I did it with the Cymbalta & since it is little tiny beads, they were all in my teeth & started melting & was really gross.

    I'm sorry you have the same problem too.

    I have started a different post on pill taste. So check that out, you might get some different suggestions too.

    Thanks again.
  19. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Marilyn.. if your stuck on that candy make it work for you. They sell these chocholate chews in the vitamin dept. at Walmart that are a calcium supplement. They taste good and you will get your daily calicium! I think if I remember right they are like 15 calories each the come in a purple container..

    Alicia.. you have a great attitude this morning!

    Ok.. so much for my salad last night.. had to work late and went home to a tuna sandwich. (not quite diet food!)

    But.. when my daughter was screaming for icecream we went to the store and bought HER (NOT ME) one single ice cream cone..

    So... I guess it wasn't in vain.. these little things add up.

    Got up late this morning and had to rush to work so I grabbed a slimfast at the store with my coffee and I'm getting ready to pop it so I can take my meds.

    Didn't walk last night either, but I have 2 functions going today at the restaurant so I will get some walking in today.

    One day at a time ladies.. we can do it!

    Love to all!
  20. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    Thanks. Just another challenge. One thing, though, it keeps me from eating as much or as fast as most people. I always felt I don't have the joy of eating as most do.

    It's weird, because I am in the home-health field and this is a common problem with a lot of the elderly clients, difficulty with swallowing.

    In another post, I also spoke of a pocket that formed in my throat that food gets trapped in on occasion.

    People that don't have disorders such as FMS, CFS, have no clue or can't empathize. This board is a blessing.

    Yet, I gain weight..........?