Lose weight and willpower

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by michsteep, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. michsteep

    michsteep New Member

    How does anyone go about losing 30 lbs when you can't exercise a lot.

    And then when you're hurting you reach for the comfort foods?

    In my case - sweets ...

    My husband says it's about willpower - but when I hurt I don't care what I eat. Sometimes thinking that it will make me feel better.
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  2. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    It's got nothing to do with willpower - especially if you are on meds and are female. I gained 70 lbs due to meds. Several times I've gone on Weight Watchers for months (3-6), never cheated, and have not lost an ounce. My primary says my metabolism simply reset to the lower caloric intake - and the only way to speed it up is to exercise - which, of course, is impossible.
  3. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    I had tried everything possible but was so overweight. My new doc found thyroid way too low and vitamin D3 and with those supplements the weight rolled off.

    I am stuck now and am not losing more because I can't exercise like they say "one has to." They just don't understand what "aerobic exercise six days a week for 30 minutes" does to a person, even if working up to it.

    I also have to stay off sugar and eat a low glycemic, low carb diet. But like you say, when you feel like crap, you want, no, NEED to eat comfort food.

    I think if the doc would hand out sufficient pain meds I would not need to eat the comfort food.

    So, I hopefully will not gain my 30 lbs back but I still need to lose 30 more.

    Do get your thyroid checked and D3. Go to an internal medicine doc as they can interpret the tests better I have found. There are new thoughts on where thyroid should be, etc.

    Good luck. I understand your plight.

  4. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    Hi Mich,

    If I were close to your hubby I would smack him upside the head *LOL*! It has nothing to do with willpower. You are right, when you hurt and are exhausted, the last thing you care about is eating right. I have 50-60 lbs to lose and have made the decision to have the lap-band surgery. I cannot fight severe hunger AND pain AND fatigue. The lap-band will remove the hunger from the equation and if I'm not suffering from the hunger, I have a fighting chance.

    Obviously this is rather drastic and isn't for anyone. I actually starting looking into the surgery before I got my fibro diagnosis. For a while I thought I was hurting and feeling so fatigued because of the weight. I am afraid to take many of the medications discussed on this board for fear of gaining even more weight. My rheumatologist agrees this is a viable solution for me and that losing the weight should provide some relief.

    I know this doesn't answer your question, but I'm praying this works for me. My mother who suffers from an autoimmune disease and must take steriods on a regular basis has had great success with a fat-free diet. She choses fat free options for the foods she enjoys. For example, every evening she has 3 fat-free fudgesicles for a total of 240 cals (or something close to that). She lost over 80 lbs 4 years ago and has kept it off. Maybe you can find some sweets that comfort you but don't add weight.

    However, far be it from me to say this is easy. I've fought my weight all my life and now I have to fight something else on top of it. Just remember, that which doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger!

    Take care,

  5. jaime13

    jaime13 New Member

    I like so many other of use suffering from FMS gained a lot of weight from the meds. From Seoquel alone I gained 60lbs.My father died this year and my mom discovered breast cancer this all added up to an overwhelming sense of stress, and great depression. I never expected my dad to die he was way to young still in the prime of his life and so so healthy,he exercised and watched every bite of food that he consumed.My depression found solace in carbs, which we all know that they are big NO when it comes to losing weight-PROTEIN is the key word and of-course exercise, if on land hurts try it in the water, the water reduce the amount of stress put on the muscles.I really need to get back to exercising,I felt really good when I was doing it and after a bit of pay-back,I was doing great. BUT then I stopped for some unknown reason,and the weight came back in full force.Jaime
  6. bre_ann

    bre_ann New Member

    I get so frustrated. I've tried just about everything and end up just quitting because no weight comes off! But I do seem to lose my will power toward the evening time so that's not good. It truly is a vicious cycle.
  7. sascha

    sascha Member

    and it's such an achievement for me !! i couldn't believe myself when i followed through and stuck to the plan and did it.

    i was and am totally incapable of exercising. my only activity is getting to my car and getting in groceries and supplies i need. i get a severe reaction whenever i am active.

    i lost 36 pounds it is now. i did it through FAIR (Food Addicts in Recovery). it took 3 months to lose 30 pounds. the next 6 i lost on my own afterwards (after i started the valcyte and had to quit the program). i could participate in about 1/4 of their program, but i participated to the extent i could; but mainly got their food plan and followed it closely, and absolutely loved it. it's all healthy. it's weighing and measuring everything; having no sugars or flours of any sort; and no eating between meals. it's proteins (meat, eggs, vegs, salads, fruits; basically that's what i went with. oh, and yogurt, and oatmeal. i felt comfortable on it and absolutely LOVED losing the weight- couldn't believe it was happening while i was totally inactive. it was such an achievement in the midst of my long, discouraging experience with cfids.

    now i've been through 5+ months of valcyte treatment, which was very rough. my eating pattern has changed a bit (still no sugar; very little starch), but i am determined not to gain any weight back.

    the FA thinking is that sugars and refined carbs are addictive and you need to get totally off them. i did not feel deprived when i was carefully weighing and measuring all the foods i was having. i felt as though i was taking the best care of myself. and i met some great people in FA. it's based on AA, the 12-step program. is quite spiritual in its approach. has lots of support and aids.

    i don't think it is really about willpower. it's about coming to the point where you make a decision for yourself on what is truly in your best interests; then you organize yourself around it as a priority, and feel very good when you make progress. It's all for YOU!! best, sascha
  8. msjhawk

    msjhawk New Member

    do not have this DD and have to put up with pain and pure exhaustion.

    I eat when I am bored, happy, sad, in a flare....

    I did join Weight Watchers before I was dx and it did work. I lost 40 pounds in 6-7 months. Then my world turned upside down with all these new meds. Of course you get one in your system and they change you again. Add another one here, quit taking that one, double up on that one. I have put 30 pounds back on and they are still adjusting my meds.

    I do notice I eat a lot more when taking amtryptaline. I also eat less when taking pain meds.

    I force myself to ride my bike or walk at least 5 times a week. There are days it kills me but I tell myself I am in pain either way so I might as well get off my fat butt.. It really helps to have a buddy to motivate and encourage you. This way you have someone to listen to you bitch about all your pains!

    Good luck,
  9. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    i eat alot of times cause my ulcer is eating at me
    and the food helps it not to hurt so.
    id go to dr for ulcer med but cant afford the co pay right mow....
    and gas
    and plus, just really dont have the energy to cope with it all.
    the tests and visits and health questions
    and life stresses in general....
  10. michsteep

    michsteep New Member

    thank you so much for replying everyone. i guess it makes me feel better that i'm not alone w/ this "vicious cycle"

    i can believe that the sugar and carbs can be additive because i certainly can't seem to live w/o them LOL!
  11. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    You wouldn't want to be me. I'm a male, 6'2" and probably 150 lbs. People think I have HIV, but of course I don't.

    It is extremely difficult for me to gain weight UNLESS I eat something sweet -- but then I just put on a little around my waist, while my muscles continue to shrink and the rest of my body gets thinner and thinner.

    But I DO KNOW that when I eat sweets, that I"ll feel better for maybe a couple hours, but definitely will feel a lot worse the next day or two.

    So I think it's both...learning to be more careful about our choices, which will involve at least some 'willpower', and more importantly working harder at choosing not to go for short term gain, at the expense of long term pain.

    VERY HARD TO DO, but if we want to get well...then...we need to at least reduce the sweets (even if they're "natural") in order to eventually feel some improvement. The immune system just cannot work well on junkie food.

    Just my two cents,

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