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    This is not an OT as it relates to my illness.

    I have given up sugar, everything with sugar in it, cut back on carbs drastically, eating veg, protein, fruit.

    In one week I havent lost even 1lb but I've lost 1.5 inches.

    Can anyone explain???? I cannot exercise, my life is mostly sedantry so I know it will take longer to lose but I expected to lose something.


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    Miss Rosie,

    I have never concerned myself with what the scales say. It is the inches lost that is important. Someone who is in excellent physical shape can easily weigh more then someone (with equal stats) who is overweight. That is because muscle weighs more then fat.

    If you are feeling just alittle bit better, healthier, stronger but the scales discourage you, ... don't worry about it. With the inches lost ( and that's a great number lost you posted!) and feeling a bit better, you are on the right track.

    Could be that removing the things you did from your diet is giving your body the chance to focus on making that muscle instead of combating all that "stuff" you were injesting.

    Keep in mind that I'm not preaching ... I love that other "stuff" too, LOL.

    Good job! Keep up the work and don't worry about the scales. It'll come .....

  3. elsa

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