losing use of legs-really scares me!

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    I am slowly losing use of my legs it seems. At times they will hardly hold me up and don`t want to "track right"when I walk.Am having a lot of problems all at once it seems. Am having problems breathing, it took me two hours this morning to get to the point that I could get my breath in any kind of comfort.This has bothered me to some extent for a while, I had breathing tests that showed no problem and now am wondering about sleep apnea. The doctor never went further after the pulmonary tests. The doctor I have now said he would have to "think about it" my next app. is next month. I am so fed up with doctors that I let things go .So discouraging! Does this leg problem go with fibro.?Thanks.
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    in the last year. I have CFS and I have been using a stationary bike when I can but lately it seems as if my legs just don't have enough strength to hold me up, I stumble and often can't stand up without pulling myself up on furniture. I do have sciatica but this weakness has become much more significant and I am concerned as well.

    I hope there will be some answers for both of us.
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    I'm 62 and have had whatever it is (CFIDS or FMS or ???) for about 3 years. I had lots of problems stumbling and losing my balance at first. Then last year I started having such trouble with my feet that I could barely walk. It's now in my hips and legs (pain feels like I'm being cut from inside) and I am having a hard time walking but in a different way (again).

    So I do think it's something to do with this illness but I just don't know. It is very scary and when we're older it could be other things, but what? When the doctors show no interest we are just left to come here and throw out a comment now and then and wonder if someone will have an intelligent answer.

    I am starting with a new PCP and am hoping she will actually LISTEN when I talk instead of ignore me or already be onto something else. I think the latter is occurring but I am hoping I can convince her to let me talk.

    BTW, the pain in my legs for the past 2 - 3 months is so bad I can barely sleep at times. I rub Aspercreme all over myself and it seems to help a little bit but not knowing what is wrong is the scary part.

    Spanaway, WA
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    I too am getting worse and my legs and hips and back are so painful. The doctor said I would eventually be in a wheelchair and to exercise daily. I try to do this but there are days I just can't walk. The pain is very bad but the problem is it feels like everything just locks up. I have to concentrate on each step I take and at that time stairs are impossible. I have to use a cane at times but won't do it in public. So getting a bit house bound. Some days are worse than others and it doesn't seem to matter if it is hot or cold out anymore. When I feel better and over exert myself I get so much worse I have discovered. I try to pace myself more now. I don't think there is any answer for this , just deal with the moment. Sorry so many have this problem. I hope better days for you all. LaRayne
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    My legs have also got worse. My Dr said that he was expecting me to be in a chair by July. Let's all hope he was wrong. So far so good. I just wanted to share with all of you there is at least one more of us having the severe leg problems. I am thinking about Guaif myself. Good luck to all of you!
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    I can relate. That is one of the problems that I am experiencing now too. My legs & arms feel weak & rubbery, not painful, just like they are not strong enough to hold me up. I have had to stop my walks at the mall & my exercycle riding this week. Heck, just sitting here typing is strenuous.. I so hate feeeling this bad off. I read the book, From Fatigued to Fantastic....for me, they should add, and back to fatigue. Bummer.

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    Thanks for the answers, I am really sorry there are so many with this problem. Losing mobility seems like the final insult!! I decided to mop my floor today and picking up the pail of water has my neck cracking every time I move it. My husband was going to do it but was busy and after all I feel it is my responsibility. He has to vacum and I feel so useless at times.I did make a batch of strawberry jam yesterday. I so much enjoy canning but am slowly losing the strengh to do it. I keep wondering how bad things are going to get with this disease but know whatever happens it is something I can`t control. A GOOD doctor would be a blessing. Don`t know where to look anymore. I did get an appointment with a pain specialist so we`ll see what comes out of that. Love and prayers for all! Clueless
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    My legs have been very bad too. They are very weak and wobbily. I`ve been concerned about this too. Am I going to stay like this? This is bad enough but then I think, am I going to get a lot worse?

    I have to have surgery in a week on my knees to fix torn cartilage and alot of wear. I hope that helps.I also have a very bad heel spur. When that flairs up, I can hardly walk. I`m getting bad degenerative arthritis everywhere it seems.

    I`ve had Fm for at least 15 years but its only been the last 3 that its really gotten so terribly severe on me. Before that I managed pretty well with it. I guess I was lucky up till now.

    Hope your legs feel a little better soon. Its no fun I know.
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    At one time my feet seemed like they had a mind of their own. I'd want to go one way and they seemed to want to go another. It was strange. I thought about it and decided that maybe I had a vitamin B12 deficiency because the feet often are effected. (a serious B12 deficiency can lead to parallysis due to pernicious anemia) I took vitamin B12 whenever my feet felt funny. Don't know if that was the problem, but it seemed to help. You could have your B12 levels checked. I recently had mine checked and they were low. B12 is helpful for herpes viruses and many people with CFS have some of these herpes viruses.