Losing weight and toxins

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by therealmadscientist, Jun 27, 2007.

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    Happened to be talking with a doctor the other day and he mentioned that he only had had a few cases of diagnosed insecticide poisoning. Usually landscape gardeners or agricultural workers.

    They were all cases where the person had poisons stored in body fat. When they lost weight, the insecticides would be released and all sorts of symptoms occured. Different symtomatic treatments available. (Atropine for cholinesterase poisons).

    I guess it's sort of like how people can test positive for marijuana if they fast.

    I guess just interesting, maybe relates to other things.

    I wonder if anyone has experienced symptoms like nervousness or rapid heartbeat when losing weight.

    Your Mr Bill

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    I've had unexplained weight loss over the past year and have been very nausiated. Wonder if it's because some poison or other is being released by my fat??? I'm down to 110 lbs., so I'm trying not to lose any more, but I'm so sick to my stomach, it's hard to eat much.
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    Yes, I TOTALLY agree that any increase in metabolism is going to increase toxin release from fat. Detoxing has been my mission for 5 or 6 years, but also my biggest hurdle. I have a STRONG Pesticide history, please read my bio. If you've found a Doc who TRULY understands these chemicals, I would be VERY interested to know who, as I would love to work with a Medical Toxicologist.

    This stuff is DANGEROUS, and I am struggling to coordinate my own care. NO DOCTOR appreciates the seriousness of detoxing pesticides. Usually Atropine is only for acute poisonings, also 2-Pam. I have asked doctors for them before. If I detox, or lose ANY weight, though, it is as though I am being newly poisoned again, and think I could benefit from those drugs. I even researched some herbs that mimic the effects of Atropine, but they themselves are too toxic to mess with.

    If you have any info, I'd appreciate it.
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  4. therealmadscientist

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    I wish I knew more, but the doctor was a Emergency Room doctor who had worked in a big city hospital ER for 20+ years. He is basically retired now.

    He used to recommend patients to specialists and then, six months later or so, he might see patients again and would see the results of various specialists.

    He had a fairly unique overall perspective and, let's just say, he developed "opinions" about some of the specialists:)

    But, alas, not a toxicologist.

    With your history, seems like you could be a candidate for free medical experiments! I liked the manogram cartoon, though sort of hurt somehow.

    I wonder if some sort of dialysis treatments could be of value in detoxing. Jimson Weed is a bit strong for atropine medicine, but has beautiful white flowers.

    I'm a bit concerned that "absorbing toxins" could become a reason for putting on weight, or, a reason for not losing fat.

    Cheers, your mr Bill

    PS I'm really starting to wonder what else could be stored in fat and the role of "fasting" in some religions.
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