Losing weight with CFS???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PrincessMo, Mar 5, 2003.

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    HI gang..........I have recently been diagnosed with CFS and I have been sick with that and mono and many other infections for over a year........before I got sick I weighed 105lbs. and was very active and now I am overweight.......I have tried several times to count calories and exercise and nothing seems to work I jump back and forth between the same 5lbs. everyweek. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Having to watch what I eat is a challenge because I was always underweight and could eat what I want..........and I was always exercising without even realizing I was doing it........now that is even a chore. Losing this weight is real important to my recovery from all this illness and my mental state and self confidence and also my social status. I am embarrassed to even go out with this weight even though I am only 5-10lbs. overweight I think I look really funny especially since I have a small frame.......I just look awkward and I feel awkward.........please someone help..........I think that part of my problem is a consistent low body temperature...my body temperature has been above 97 in at least 4 months.........so I was thinking about trying protein powder cause I read that protein can raise your body temperature but the powder makes me sick and I can't drink it........I was also reading about that xenadrine they advertise for and that supplement is all about raising your body temperature to boost metabolism and increase the body's ability to burn more fat and use calories. If anyone could please give me some advice that would be fabulous.........I hope you all have a wonderful day......buh bye now!!!!!!!! Maureen
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    Do not give up..That is the first thing. Drink loads of water, until you feel you cannot drink anymore..HEHE I lost 30 pounds by slowly building up cardio routines and lifting light weight. But, I also eat conservative and drink loads of water. I dilute tea to 50% tea 50% water and rarely ever touch a soda..Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies and try to stay away from processed food. Hope this helps.
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    give up sugar. the white stuff. I think CFS folks can easily develop candida overgrowth, and candida loves sugar.
    Low body temperature could be the result of underactive thyroid. Have you had that investigated? Are you taking something for it? Getting that moving properly could help drop the weight.
    I have both problems above; went on Atkins diet several months ago, and that helped drop the weight that was affecting my blood pressure. But now I seem to have a resurgence in other symptoms. I'm on natural thyroid grains.
    If you want to up your protein, trying using the powder to make your own shakes...some ice in a blender, then a scoop of powder, with Splenda(sweetener that doesn't affect blood sugar), a few berries or whatever, a little cream. I love these, and use them often as breakfast.