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    I son't know what is going on with me. I have been overweight for a long time. Last summer I lose 20 pounds, just by cutting down on my food and junk. During the winter I gained 9 pounds back. Two months ago my doctor said that my cholesterol was high and so I starting eating healthy and not eating junk and not eating between meals. Now I just don't feel much like eating at all. Sometimes I go most of the day and not eat. I have lost about 15 pounds and it seems like everyday I lose more. Now I'm worried that there is something wrong with me even through I'm not eating much. But my energy level is higher and I feel like I'm on speed pills or something. I only take this vitamin for menapause that the doctor gave me , and my sweats are better and she said that it has chronium in them that helps lose weight. I don't know for sure. But I don't know when the last time I sat down to just watch TV.
    I just keep going .... But just cutting out all the snacks,
    cheese, butter, sugar and only eat brown rice, whole grain breads, and alot of frest veggies and fruit. Not even sugar free things that are not good for you, do help with energy and overall better health. I do believe that good sleep and good eating habits will make you feel better. It has me. But right now we had a death in the family so my
    depression is there right now. Well, hope everyone is doing well and have a good week..Barb
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    The vitamins are called menapause focus. I am so worried because I believe I am losing too much weight too quick. I am under so much stress right now and sometimes I just don't feel like eating. I eat some cereal sometimes for breakfast and sometimes I just don't eat until dinner and I just eat some fish or chicken or pork with streamed veggies and no pototoes . I never snack between meals or eat at night. I have been so busy around here and there and I just never sit down, so maybe that is why I'm losing the weight... Barb
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    barbie what problems do you have that brother you?

    Do you have CFS or FM and anything else ? Do you deal with pain?

    Where do you buy that vitamin for medapause ?[This Message was Edited on 10/03/2006]
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    I am in total agreement with you that good sleep and good, healthy eating habits will make you feel better.

    I am very sorry for the death in your family. Now is the time for you to really remember to take care of yourself, it will help with your depression.

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    Hi Carebelle,

    I have CFS and I am not in pain , just very fatigue and have problems with sleeping, but since I started my new life style with my eating habits, and taking my vitamins, I have so much energy it is unreal. I can't sit down and relax. I have lose alot of weight. I went to Dr. Bowman here in Maryland. The vitamins are called Enervimin Menopause Focus. You can google it, and order over the web.
    Hope you are doing well. Eating well and good sleep is the key. Good Luck ...Barb
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    thanks for the name.
    do you think your energy is from weight loss? How long have you taken them before you loss weight?
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    I do believe that all the energy is from chancing my eating habits. The vitamins have alot of good stuff for menapause and also 200mg of chromium which is good for weight loss because it curves your appetite. Like today I had a protein shake from shaklee for breakfast with 2 slices of canadian bacon. For lunch I had a salad with Strawberries and pecans with a great low fat dressing . That was a little sweet but ok. Then for dinner I had stir fried veggies ( just mushrooms, carrots, pea pods and bean sprouts with stir fry sauce and a piece of chicken with lemon pepper. I sometimes eat some small cheese favored rice cakes and maybe some herb tea( green with orange and orange favor honey. Good stuff and good for you. I have lose almost 20 pounds in about 2 1/2 months. Just no diet , just making good choices....Good Luck ...Barb