Loss of arm and dizziness, need advise!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by skyeone, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. skyeone

    skyeone New Member

    Hi, on October 9th I had gotten rather dizzy over at my grandmother's house, so I came home. A few hours later, the dizziness didn't go away, but I lost the use of my right arm. I went to the hospital, and they kept me in over night for observation. When I got up in the morning the (so called doc) told me I could go home, he asked if I was sure I hadn't just slept on my arm wrong. Considering the fact that I hadn't slept for about 12 hours I told him that wasn't a possibility. then he said well maybe you were smoking something and passed out and didn't realize it, maybe we should send you to another hospital where they can examine you more closely.

    I asked, you said I could go home right? And he said if I wanted to, so I asked for a phone. I do not smoke anything but cigarettes and have been since I was 7, they have NEVER caused any of these problems and told him so. So I phoned for a ride, couldn't get an answer. I walked the 5 miles home, being passed by 5 police cars that incidentally all where at the local coffee shop for breakfast when I got to town.

    At any rate, what I'm aksing advise for is simple. To this day the dizziness is gone, and my right arm is still quite weak. I also haave a lot of tingling in both hands. Does anyone have any suggestions? (I'm still waiting on MRI results that I had in September along with nerve conduction results. All the tests my neurologist ordered haven't been done yet, and he told me that we'd discuss results once he got them from all, he wasnt' going to call me in for the results on each one.)


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    and numbness/tingling was what sent me to a neuro in the first place. They did every test know to mankind to rule out MS. When I finally demanded a rheumy consult, they informed me that I had FM. I also have lyme.

    I was getting better with supplements (lots of them)but my llmd made me stop taking them because he feels that they "feed the lyme".

    I also believe periodic visits to the chiropractor have help in lessening the numbness.
  3. reneangel

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    I had the same thing go on my arms and hands they go all numb and the doc told me it was my fybro but there isnt much that i found i could do with this. my doc told me to wrap my hand or arm in a tenser and he gave me some cream but i had to wait for it to calm down by its self. it comes and goes on me. so wish i could tell you something more but take care rene
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    Hi Skye,

    I often get dizziness and/or vertigo. I also get trouble with my balance which is unrelated to dizziness. It can sometimes be very difficult, especially if I am driving and get a spell of vertigo. Just a few days ago I had a bad attack and along with my other symptoms came trouble with balance when I turned my head. I don't bother telling MD's anymore. It is just passed over as nothing.

    I have had problems with numbness and tingling since the very start two years ago. The numbness in my right hand and arm is there daily and sometimes continual throughout the day. What you are specifically describing has happened to me. As it happens, I was lying on my left side during sleep. I went to turn over and woke up after a few minutes. I realized that what woke me up was the fact that I could turn over but my left arm wasn't following me. I went to lift it up and my wrist would reach a certain height and then flop.My arm was numb to the elbow I literally had to hold my left hand with my right and pull it over top of me in order for it to move. This is weakness! Again, I don't bother saying anything anymore. It's a waste of my time and energy and just makes me more frustrated. I often have my hands and feet go numb when I am sleeping. This has only happened since I got sick and it is not because I am sleeping on it wrong, or necessarily sleeping on that area at all.

    Take care. It sounds like you are keeping upbeat despite your illness and what it does to you.


    p.s. - I too am in Canada
  5. Krisanna

    Krisanna New Member


    I apologize, I didn't read your message too well the first time. Let me add in some extra comments that will better address your concerns.

    I have not lost the use of my arm but definitely have had weakness in both of my hands/wrists/arms at many times. At one point I could not lift a pot of water to drain some spaghetti. The same pot/volume of water that I had always been able to. In fact, when I tried I almost dropped the pot because I wasn't expecting it. I fully believe this, plus the tingling and numbness, both at night and during the day, are related. I wish the neurologist I saw had done a nerve conduction test. However, based on the normal reflexes and neurologist exam he felt there was no need to "subject" me to one. I think that that was probably the best test that could have revealed something.

    Relative to weakness, often when I get the skewer pain through my upper legs, I feel very weak in those areas and find it difficult to use my legs. Also, there have been plenty of times when I thought my knee was going to collapse if I walked on it. Not because of pain, but because of weakness. Again, at one point I couldn't stand up to put on my socks because my right leg did not feel like it would support me and I was afraid I would collapse. I couldn't kneel on that knee because of the weakness. All of this was passed over, just like yours.
    I am sorry that you had the response you did from the doctor. I hope you were able to remain calm and have put most of it out of your mind.

  6. skyeone

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    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you on this sooner, but I wanted to say thank you for your comments. I haven't been on the comp much due to all this dizziness. Since Oct. 9 I think I've had maybe 16 waking hours where I have not been too dizzy to have my eyes open.

    This is driving me absolutely nuts. I wish the doc's wouldn't just pass this over, but I know my neurologist will be very interested in this when I get to see him again. That is the one thing that comforts me. My family doc will be right ticked when she hears about what happened in the er too........lol.

    What bothers me most though is that it's getting worse. I hardly ever have the problems during night, but during the day it happens all the time. As for my legs, well that happens all the time too, I use my cane a lot lately due to the weekness in my legs.

    I guess I'm just a little scared is all.

    Thanks again,

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