Loss of color in face and lips?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mamalovinit, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Mamalovinit

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    Went to the doctor yesterday and he said I looked low in iron. He shook his head and said you don't even have color in your lips. Wanted to know if I am more tired than I normally am. Or if I have been dizzy. Can't say about being more tierd or not. My fatigue ranges from mild to extreme all the time. I am dizzy though. So dizzy I feel like I am going to fall over. I know its not my iron because my ob/gyn just checked that less than 2 weeks ago. I didn't tell Reg doctor that though. I figured it would hurt letting him check it too. I know it's not my blood sugar I have been running around 90.

    Anyone else not low in iron and still not have any color in there face with dizziness too?

  2. Juloo

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    My mother used to comment all the time on how pale I was -- even my lips. She was a lab technician at a clinic w/three doctors. I can't tell you how many times she made me sit down so she could test my iron level...she kept commenting on how I MUST be anemic. But I never was. And when I was pregnant, I was excused from taking prenatals with iron because, other than making me nauseated, my bloodwork showed good levels.

    Are you sure it's not blood sugar, though? Do you feel dizzy all the time? My head is usually pretty light when I have blood sugar dips (BIG dips) after meals. When I did a 5-hour glucose tolerance, I found that I had a huge swing at around 3 1/2 hours -- going down into the 50s even though my fasting level for that test was 90. (Earlier this year I had a fasting glucose of 47!)

    How about your blood pressure? Are you dehydrated? A lot here have both low blood volume and low blood pressure. In addition, if your adrenals are worn out, this may be an ongoing problem -- made worse if you stand up. Look up 'tilt table test' and 'postural hypotension'.
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    I have had trouble with my sugar in the past. My 8 year old is a diabetic so I have used his machine to test my blood sugar but lately it been normal. I even checked it when I'm in the middle of spinning.

    I'll look at the tilt table test.

    I have been spinning on and off all day for the last little bit. Today has been bad. I have had trouble with this before and never find out why.

    I have a date with my husband tonight so boy do I wish I felt good.


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