Loss of hair and eyebrows

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by frosty50, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. frosty50

    frosty50 New Member

    Has anyone ever experienced this problem.I'm new to the board more or less at posting. I read more than post.
    I've had fibro for the last 20 years , thyroid problems,arthritis,degenerative arthritis in spine,and sleep apnea.

    Just started losing hair and eyebrows. Hardly have any eyebrows left. Feeling terrible.

    If anyone has heard of this please let me know.
  2. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    Low thyroid can cause hair loss and feeling terrible too.

    If you have some of the viruses that can cause CFS, these viruses attack the epitheal lining (skin) of your internal organs. This may be why your thyroid is fluctuating.

    I would ask your doc to check TSH, T4 and T3 levels.

    Since you have CFS, ask about Epstein-Barr, Cytomegalo, CoxSackie and HHV-6.
  3. frosty50

    frosty50 New Member

    I'm taking thyroid pills and he said my levels are fine. Thanks for posting
  4. ulala

    ulala New Member

    all steroids can make your hair fall out. It's called steroid baldness. For some people steroids make hair grow, but usually in places you don't want it!

    I had seven epidural shots and never realized that the cortisone in the shots was what making my hair fall out.

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