Loss of insurance coverage was what I wanted to ask..

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    I spent what almost 10 maybe 12 years trying to track down the DD, the forgetfulness’ asking someone to repeat them selves over and over. My 16 year son is ready to pull my hair out because I will ask the same question over and over, what time were they supposed to come, or what time were we supposed to be there. All the time that I hurt, all the times when I barely made it home to pass out because of the fatigue all the trouble and shame that I had trying to control my bowels. I just passed it off as to getting older, didn’t want to complain and set around Boo-Hoooing. I always felt that it was just my line of work and that I always pushed myself 24/7. I’d make empty promises to myself that I would go the doctor and find out why I couldn'’ control my bowels if I could just get through this one. Or I’d go to the doctor for whatever the reason later on and would forget better then 80% of what I wanted to talk about. It got to the point that I would set down write out questions that I wanted answered or what I wanted to talk about, it helped a little. I always got up early and went until the Sun went down, then I’d try to find something else to do.
    The company that I worked for 20 years laid me off in Oct of 2001, I spent about four 4 months trying to find another management position and just doing what I wanted to do, went on vacation my first in about twenty five 25 years. Finally got in to see a Specialist in Kansas City and found out that it wasn’t all in my head. There was a reason for the pain, the lack of sleep, the forgetfulness’. I’d write myself a note and then when it came time to read it I couldn’t even understand what I had wrote.
    And just like that I just caught my self-doing it again, getting lost in the Tall weeds, I wanted to talk about the loss of medical insurance. I need to know if there is a good company out there that has a good policy that the unemployed can afford. The chicken s**t firm that I had drop me because of not working, that insurance company was through my Union local, you have to work some many hours in a quarter or what ever to maintain coverage. Well I didn’t and with out any warning, not so much as fair the well note they cut me off. Now I’m not only just about flat busted and waiting on my SS money to start of which I have to wait for five 5 months. I can’t go with out some type of coverage; I have a wife and two children that still depend on me. They are offering me a COBRA coverage that is if I can come up with the $450 dollars a month fee. And I still haven’t been able to see what they will cover, what meds will they pay for! Anybody out there having any answers.
    It’s really getting to be a real challenge to put three words together in a row that will make since. I have to keep going back and rereading what I just wrote. These little notes take forever, and they don’t always get posted, the other night I lost two attempts to post a note on the board. So I just shut
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    I'm in the Kansas City area. My husband is self-employed so we purchase private health insurance and it is through Blue Cross (after 18 mos. of Cobra from his last employer ran out). We live on the Kansas side, where insurance laws are more pro-consumer than Missouri, so even tho my husband is a Type II diabetic & I have FM/cervical disc issues, we were able to get a real PPO, with these pre-existing conditions---but only through Blue Cross (no other company would take us) and at a very steep cost! I can tell you that we pay more than most mid-westerners pay for their mortgage monthly for healthcare---but at least we are covered.

    To me, $450 sounds like a good deal for the Cobra, though it only lasts 18 months. Cobra will be exactly what you had with your employer, coverage-wise----you will still be in the same employee-pool healthcare-wise with the same health benefits, but you will be picking up the cost for the monthly premium yourself (but because it is still at the employer's group rate, which is always cheaper than an individual plan, it will cost less). I know $450 seems like a lot, but it may be the cheapest way to keep good coverage.

    By the way, do you mind my asking what specialist you saw in Kansas City? I'm always searching for that one good doctor (aren't we all) & have seen a few since we moved here.

    Good luck, Dan,
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    I usually don't post, but I want to stress what was mentioned above about pre-existing conditions. If you don't take the Cobra then when you do get other insurance it will not cover any pre-existing conditions. My husband had a couple of heart attacks and of course your whole body depends on the heart, so we had to keep up the Cobra until we found something else. If we had let it lapse with no insurance, we would never be able to get insurance that would cover my husband, it would be written in the contract that from now until forever more this and that which almost included everything would not be covered. My husband was self employed, so either we got insurance from where I worked or we paid our own. But with pre-existing conditions they excluded almost everything. I think it is called a rider. Anyway, it is becomming more and more difficult to get Health Insurance. Even though we kept up Cobra until it ended, we ended up getting and I think it was Blue Cross, to cover the pre-existing conditions but we had to pay 1200 dollars a month for the coverage. I can't tell you how important it is to not let you coverage lapse.

    Good Luck, I understand what you are going through.

    One other thing, most states offer insurance through some kind of risk pool that is less expensive. You might want to check that out while you are paying for your Cobra.

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    ~~~and on the other hand, Never be afraid or weary to type us a short note. We are a compassionate flock here, and we all make lists- and lose the lists! and stumble over our words, and misunderstand & are misunderstood! We Hurt, we're tired, we can't sleep...but we all want to help each other. There. I have read, and re- typed, and re-read this note 17 times! I think it's OK to post!
    Hope to hear from you again soon!
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    ohmygosh . . .

    i lost my job health insurance several months ago and haven't done anything about it . . . kept hoping the good fairy would find me a perfect job, i guess. . . . i have fibro/cfs etc.. . . so actually, the truth is i've been too exhausted to take on the daunting task of figuring out what to do about it . . . with no income . . . . with loss of work everything's fallen in on me . . . . i'm single so no spouse or family member to provide options

    reading what you all have written about COBRA, i'm wondering if it's too late to pick COBRA up? also, my son was on the same policy and he has crohn's disease, has had many operations etc., so now i'm worried about him too

    any suggestions?
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    I've wondered how people manage all the doctor visits and meds after they quit work to go on disability. Isn't Mediaid available for those who get disability? Do you actually have to be approved for disability before you qualify for Mediaid?

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    I've wondered how people manage all the doctor visits and meds after they quit work to go on disability. Isn't Mediaid available for those who get disability? Do you actually have to be approved for disability before you qualify for Mediaid?

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    If you are a military veteran, you may be eligible for free medical care. Since 1996 to January of this year all veterans were eligible for free care but as of January new applications were suspended until September of this year for veterans making more than $38,500 per year or a large net worth excluding your home.

    I believe the following is fairly accurate concerning Cobra and HIPAA. However you should get documentation to verify this information.

    As far a Cobra or other insurance is concerned, Cobra is probably your best bet. If you don't take Cobra and exhaust it (pay premiums for the full 18 months), insurance companies will probably consider you uninsurable (or insurable at a high premium and also excluds preexisting conditions) due to the chronic condition. If you exhaust your Cobra, insurance companies will probably still consider you uninsurable but they must offer you insurance under the HIPAA program which does not allow the insurance companies to exclude preexisting conditions. Unfortunately HIPAA does not limit the amount that you can be charged for the insurance and typically the coverage offered is minimal (eg. In CA Blue cross offers $3,500 deductible with no prescription coverage for about $450 per month instead of $105 per month which includes $2,500 deductible and prescrition coverage for a healthy person in his 50s).

    If you do not exhaust you Cobra and have more than a 63 day break in medical coverage, preexisting conditions are not protected under HIPAA.

    I didn't mean to bring you this bad news but you have a limited time to select your options.

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