loss of mobility and pain after surgery

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    I had surgery on my right shoulder 5 months ago to remove bone spurs. After surgery I went through PT and was doing pretty good until I fell and landed on the shoulder. Ever since I have more and more pain in that shoulder and slowly I am losing mobility in it also. The pain is starting to affect other joints as well, but to a much lesser degree. The orthopedic surgeon insists that all I have in inflammation in the joint. A cortisone shot only helped for about 2 weeks rather than months. I am puzzled and worried and I can’t seem to get the doctor to even be concerned. Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on?

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    Hi Larry I don't know what could be going on but it doesn't sound good. I would go and see someone else if your specialist isn't taking you seriously.

    I had a total hip replacement in April and have also been having terrible problems. Fortunately my surgeon has taken me seriously and has done every thing he can but the pain is worse than ever. He also gave me cortisone injections and tried seeing if blocks would work to no avail.

    My GP sent me to a neurosurgeon and we have since found that the pain I have now and since my operation is from my back and not my hip. Progress at last.

    So don't wait and suffer insist on a 2nd opinion.
    Hope you come right.

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    Did your doctor do a MRI after the injury? I would ask him. If he won't help see a new doctor.

    My husband had back surgery several months ago. When he had pain after surgery the doctor dismissed it. I took him to a very famous group of doctors called "Kerlan Jobe" , they have a website you can review.

    The exam was so detailed. They immediately sent him for a MRI and diagnosed a synovial cyst that occurred after surgery.

    They had to inject the cyst and his pain went away. I don't know if you can get these cysts in your shoulder, but the new doctor said it was pretty common.

    If we had not went to a new doctor he would still be sitting home taking Vicoden.

    I would insist on a new MRI.
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    I have had xrays, and MRI and a bone scan and they say nothing other than inflamation shows up. I fell that the surgeon only wants to make sure he is not at fault or liable. My family doctor is at a loss and more or less admits I know more about what is wrong with me than she does. I don't feel like I know much right now.