loss of sense of smell and CFIDS

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    Hello out there,

    I have had CFIDS and mycoplasma fermentans infections for 9 years.

    I noticed about 9 months ago that I have lost most of my sense of smell.

    Has this happened to anyone?

    Is it the disease or perhaps one of the meds?

    The meds that I take that would effect the brain are Klonopin, Soma and Unisom.

    P.S. Finally decided to stick with Prof. Nicholson's protocol for mycoplasma, and my joint pain has already been greatly reduced.

    Taking low dose hydrocortisol (10mg) has made an enormous difference in my immune system and energy level. I highly recommend that you find a doc who is willing to prescribe it...my doc says to have a compounding pharmacy give yo pure hydrocortisol....the brand name one has junk in it.

    Thanks for your response,