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    I am a retired Radiation Therapist. 2 years ago I had pneumonia twice about 6 months apart. I was on antibiotics for almost 6 weeks injections and orally. I noticed that I lost my sense of smell and to this date have not regained. It drives me nuts! I use to love to be able to smell soap , the ocean, fresh mowed lawn, food cooking etc. I went to an ENT and he could not find anything wrong and even did an MRI and nothing showed up. He told me I would probably never regain my smell. I can live with it , but you do not realize until it's gone how much you depend on your nose. The other day I had a fire in my oven and could not smell the smoke , just got lucky that I was in kitchen and saw it. I have allergies and have not been to an allergist because other than itching and swollen eyelids the bottom not the top ,that is all the symptoms I have. I have no mucous or green drainage. Can anyone suggest something? Once in a while I can get a small scent of lemon if I am cutting a lemon. Sometimes I get a metallic smell and it will last a couple of days. I am at wits end.
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    Sorry to hear about your problem. I think I would install an extra smoke detector in my kitchen.

    Any chance you are deficient in zinc? Some antibiotics bind to minerals in the body ... if one becomes zinc deficient, loss of sense of smell is very common.

    Conversely, use of nasal gels or swabs with zinc (like Zicam) is also associated with loss of sense of smell.

    Any chance you were treated with zinc bacitracin (wash/aerosol/ointment) for your sinusitis? That could account for the occasional metallic smell as well as the loss of smell.

    It's probably a good idea to keep trying to use your sniffer with strong pleasant scents like lemon. The brain will forget if not stimulated ... and you probably need stronger stim than most.

    Best wishes.
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    Welcome to the board. Sorry, I don't know any home remedies for anosmia.
    SnoozQ may be on the right track.

    A decade of two ago I read an article on loss of sense of taste in older
    folks. Zinc was the recommended treatment.

    My mother lost her sense of smell when she was a young adult. She always
    blamed it on "sinus trouble". But every few years her sense of smell would
    come back. Then she'd make coffee, and fry bacon, and open her perfume
    bottles, run out to the garden, etc.

    Sad to say, it was always gone when she woke up the next morning.

    Hope you can find something.

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    Loss of smell is referred to as Anosmia. It would probably help you very much if you went online and looked for online support groups to get involved with as they would really provide you with resources, what each person who has Anosmia has done so they can live their lives better, and offer suggestions for you, living your life and keeping you safe.

    I would ask that you begin taking extra precautions for yourself. Please put smoke detectors in every room. It only takes an electrical fire in one room, you wouldn't smell it, and it probably would get too far engulfed before the other smoke detectors would detect it and it may impair your ability to get out. Your safety comes first and we rely on our sense of smell so much.

    If you have natural gas, I would speak to that company and ask them if they have developed any detectors or help for someone like you that has lost their smell because the gas company puts odor into natural gas so that leaks can be detected. Maybe for people that have Anosmia perhaps they come out for free so many times a year and do extra checks just so you are safe and to prevent any possible gas leaks.

    I'm so sorry this happened, but there may be various resources for you that support groups may be able to relay. Don't give up hope and there even may be future treatments just around the bend.

    Good luck and hugs.
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