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    Hi - new to this board, didn't see another one that would fit my category but this general health. I was DX with RA in March so I'm on the arthritis board all the time. Anyway, my problem started with a sinus infection starting in May (sinus infections are not new to me). I took 10 days of Augmenten, not better, went to ENT dr., had CT scan, showed infection in bone cavity, went on TWO more rounds of an antibiotic called Avelox. I feel much better, but my taste and smell has been gone for almost 3 weeks now. I have the sense of salty, sweet, etc. and can barely pick up a scent of some things, but it is not the normal oder that it should be. Has anyone else had this problem? Went back to ENT dr. today. He took a culture of my sinuses to see if there is any more infection. If this doesn't straighten out, surgery may be necessary. I have never had this happen for more than a day or two with a cold or sinus infection. Kind of worries me. I really don't enjoy any food at this point. Thanks for ANY replies
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    Im not sure on this but I have a friend that is doing the same thing.. they had a Drs appt today.. Ive not heard anything yet.. but when I do.. will try to post back to you.. Good luck.. I hope you're feeling better..
    To me it sounds like possible allergies.. but Im not sure... just guessing.. feel better!
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    Thanks for reply msbrandywine. Update on my situation. Went back again to ENT dr. Did another scan. My sinus infection has cleared up but there are several things going on with me. Have a deviated septum, small blockage up high in the nose on one side, still have congestion at least on one side about 50-60 percent of the time. Dr. said surgery was completely up to me. not a life and death situation. He could fix everything and possibly eleminate the numerous amount of sinus infections I get. He mentioned putting windows in my sinuses and doing something with turbinates to make them smaller and I wouldn't have this congestion. I asked if my smell & taste would come back without surgery - he said maybe; asked if it would come back with surgery - he said maybe. So....I may think about surgery anyway. Please let me know about your friend with this problem and what dr. said. Thanks!!
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    My mom has not been able to smell and now taste sense may. She just had a cat scan and went to the ent today and he has no idea why she has this. Her sinsus were clear. She did have a cold in May and this started shortly after that. The Dr. didn't seem to think that could do it,however in searching on the web I see it can. She also will feel like she is having trouble breathing (like walking in a smoke filled room).
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    Hi natkay -
    I'm still dealing with the taste and smell issue. For some strange reason, I can pick up the taste of some sweet things, especially chocolate. (My brother says how convenient! lol) I do like chocolate, but am not an addict like some people in my family. I also can slightly smell very strong odors like p-nut butter, and I have a hand soap called warm vanilla sugar that I can smell fairly well. It is so strange. Can your mom pick up any tastes or smell at all? Things like hamburgers, steak, chicken are as bland as they can be. It's really not worth eating.
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    I still havent heard anything from my friend that has been having this problem.. in a few wks now.. I have tried calling their house and doing emails and I still dont know what is going on.. Gosh.. makes one worry but yet nothing you can do to get any answers to see if they are ok..
    Sorry not able to give ya any info back to possibly help you..
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    Hi. I lost my sense of smell completely, and it lasted for several years. While I was at an acupuncturist to help with fatigue (from CFS), I mentioned this to her, and she looked it up in her research books, and fixed me up within a month or so. I had been told by several doctors that they didn't know why I had lost my smell, and pretty much told me not to worry about it, but you lose a lot of your taste along with your smell! It was a very odd..
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    If you want to quit taking antibiotics for sinus infections I have found something that works for me. I use to take antibiotics 2 to 6 times every winter for sinus infections or if I am around smokers (very allergic). Goldenseal Root has been a life saver for me. I haven't had to take any antibiotics for 4 years now because of this wounderful herb.

    If you are taking any meds you may want to make sure there is not a problem with it. But I highly recommend it.

    You start taking it as soon as you feel the symptoms. And quit a day or two after they are gone. You are not suposed to take it more than 2 to 3 weeks max. That hasn't been a problem for me (I don't ever need it longer than that).

    Sorry about your since of smell. Mine has never been very good. Probably because all the sinus problems I have had most of my life. (My dad was a smoker and I was allergic to it, if that tells you anything.)

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    a zinc deficiency will cause a loss of taste and smell. it sounds like you haven't completely lost it since you can taste chocolate. chocolate may not be the best thing for you if you are deficient in zinc b/c it contains copper. copper and zinc are antagomistic. one will block the absorption of the other.

    there is a very simple way to know for sure if you are deficient in zinc. buy zinc status, which is liquid zinc sold in health food stores. drink some and if you don't taste the metal flavor of zinc then you know you are deficient.

    but, again, taking a zinc supplement can make you deficient in copper AND manganese. so please do a little research on this so you understand, if you supplement, what problems supplementing zinc alone might cause. a copper imbalance is pretty common among women.

    a copper imbalance is having too much copper stored in your body and also being deficient. even though your body has stored copper you don't have any copper bioavailable b/c you need a protein to bind to it (ceruloplasmin) to get into your bloodstream. copper problems are not that uncommon, so please research this subject too if you supplement the zinc. good luck.
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    Thanks to all who have replied. I first posted 7/9, and had lost my sense of taste and smell about 3 weeks at the time. I am still without these senses. I can pick out the taste of very few things. Most things I smell have a very strange odor, like stale cigarette smoke and some kind of chemical. It is very wierd! I'm really tired of this but after reading all I have, I may possibly never get it back to normal. I'm considering the sinus surgery, not just to see if that would help, but to correct other problems. The dr. said it could possibly help, but no guarantee. I may try the liquid zinc thing also. I have been taking zinc tablets, but to no avail. Didn't know about the chocolate thing. I really don't eat much chocolate anyway. Anyone with any more suggestions, please post. Thanks
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    Yes, I can identify!
    I had this problem for over 2 years and received no answers, but after much work to rebuild my immune system and then cancer surgery, I found that by just working on trying for natural foods and many health booster plans, enzymes,protein (whey) energy drinks, everything and anything to regain my health, I am getting back my taste and have much of my smell back!
    I never was given any hope and no one suggested surgery, but I feel if can be healed by patience and staying away from antibiotics and most prescription medications. I stopped all over the counter medications and read evrything. I cannot have any of the meds that cause dryness and almost all do. When I cut out all the allergy meds, my doctors had a fit, but it worked and I do not use them at all. I have been off my allergy meds for the 2 years and found improvement began. I further found that my blood pressure med was another source, so stopped about 9 months ago. Guess what, my blood pressure is now normal and my sense of taste and smell is constantly improving! I have almost all back. I still have dryness problems due to my immune disorders and it does affect the glands, but the medications made them much worse!
    It sounds bizare, but I have doctors that now believe me and are following my schedule. One doctor is highly specialized and has been treating me for 9 years.
    You may find this too much for you, but It does work and won't hurt to research this for yourself!
    Good luck and Happy tasting and enjoy some lovely scents once again!
    In emphathy,

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    Know this is an old post, but wondering if you ever got your taste and smell back..I am having same problem, but have no sinus trouble. thanks..