Lost 25 pounds on weight watchers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rosetta, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. Rosetta

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    I finally decided to follow the doctors advice. I was so sick of being told to diet and exercies the I finally started weight watchers 22 weeks ago. I have lost 25 pounds. Still need to lose about 15 more pounds to get to my goal weight. I am still waiting for the FM to get better. It has not happened. I tried to exercise and by this I mean walking. I was up to 10 minutes of walking and then had a flair and have been in bed for the past two weeks. I cant wait to go back to the doctor and tell her I followed her advice with dieting and exercise and still have FM just as bad as I did before. I do not feel any different and the FM has remained unchanged. Does anybody think she will admit that diet and exercise is not the answer to FM. At least for me it has not. I also gave up smoking almost two years ago. Sorry I am so cynical (SP) but I just get sick of hearing those two words (DIET and EXERCISE). I have done everything to try to get better but I think the doctors are barking up the wrong tree.

    Exercise is very difficult. My arms feel like jello. When I try to make myself use them to exercise the next day I can barely move them. Also walking I started with three minutes/ day and got up to 10 minutes. After a flair I am back to three minutes. Just wish the doctors would listen and try a new approach.
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    Well, I must say congrats on losing 25 pounds! I think that's great! I keep hearing those 2 words - diet and exercise - I know I need to lose some weight, but I can not exercise!! It's impossible. I walked for 10 minutes on the treadmill the other night and I could not even stand up afterwards the pain in my back was so bad. My arms hurt when I exercise too! Funny thing is one of my doctors called me overweight at 140 pounds and I've gained some weight since then! I was not overweight at 140!!!
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    Have you tried doing some gentle stretches? They will probably halp you feel better than walking, although I wouldn't discourage the walking when you are up to it.

    I'm also going to Weight Watchers and due to my inability to do more than the slightest amount of exercise (CFS, NMH)the losing is slow, but at least I am not gaining any more.

    When my FM first flared really badly I was at the end of a two year weight loss odyssey, and I can tell you that I hurt just as much thin as I do with a few extra pounds added back on. But my clothes fit me better and I know I am healthier when I am thinner. I just needed something to jumpstart my weight loss and make me realize how much I was really eating.

    Is your doc doing anything to treat your FM? If not perhaps it's time to look for another doc who will do that. Expecting it all to go away with losing weight is not realistic.

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    congratulations on the successful weight loss!!! Wish I could say that I've lost 25 pounds. Certainly can't say you weren't dedicated to the program. Please consider another doc if she doesn't change her song and offer you better health care. Keep us posted. -Karen
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    Good for you! Sorry you didn't get the improvements you wanted.

    A few months ago I was reading womens Day magazine and a lady lost 125 pds and kept it off for 5 yrs. The article mentioned she has CFIDS> I called information cause her ciy was there and her name and talked to her.
    I asked her if all the weight loss helped her CFS and she said "no, well maybe a little". SO her weight going to 125 from 250 didn't cure or improve her energy.