Lost and Found: A New Song Game

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    I can think of a few songs that fit this category. Any song that has the words 'lost ' or 'found' in the title or lyrics. Bet you all can come up with more! (I'd be lost without this board and I'm so glad I found it!) :)
  2. gb66

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    "Lost in Love" by Air Supply.

    "Since I Found You" by Christian Bautista.
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    Hi GB

    "I'd be lost without this board and I'm so glad I found it!" I agree!

    "Find a Wheel". Big hit by Perry Como when we were young. The lyrics include
    "You've found what you've been dreaming of" and "Put it (a ring) on the one
    you've found, found, found."

    "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life", at last I've found you. Sung by Jeanette and Nelson.

    "At Last." I found a dream. Found a thrill. Sung by Etta James

    "I Found a Million Dollar Baby in a Five and Ten Cent Store" by Harry
    Warren, the composer of songs for many movies.

    Another song from our yute is "Clouds" by Joni Mitchell. (But I prefer the
    Judy Collins rendition.) Anyhoo the lyrics include "Something's lost, but
    somethings gained from living everyday".

    Neil Diamond wrote a song called "If I lost My Way". I guess he wrote it late
    in his career. Not one of his best.

    I figured there should be a song about "I'm Lost Without You". Turns out
    there is, but I couldn't get any sound out of the Youtube video so I'm
    lost as to what it sounds like.

    Guess I'll go start reading a library book on Howard Dietz who lived a show
    biz life. He was a Vice President at MGM, a writer of Broadway Shows, and
    the lyricist for lots of songs, mostly with Arthur Schwartz. Their biggest
    hit was probably Dancing in the Dark.


    Maybe "Both Sides Now" is the correct name for "Clouds". Things have
    been a little foggy for me these last several years. :rolleyes:
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  4. gb66

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    Rock, Those are great songs. I think there are more than I realized with lost and found in them.

    Here's more:

    "Since I Lost My Baby" By the Temptations, 1965."

    "Look What I Found" By Chris Cagle.

    "Lost Horizon" Music for the soundtrack of the movie, by Burt Bacharach.

    "Now That We Found Love" By Third World, 1978.

    "Found a Peanut" A children's song.

    "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" By The Righteous Brothers.
  5. hangininthere

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    'I Found Out' by John Lennon.
  6. Soul*

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    I'm a wanderer yeah wanderer, I wander around around around :D

    Does that count as lost and found? :rolleyes:
  7. ConfusedInPA

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    It's funny, there seem to be more "found" songs out there, than "lost" songs. That's what I've "found" anyways! LOL

    Speaking of which:

    Cher, I Found Someone

    U2, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

    Diane :)
  8. Soul*

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    Loooost in this world, I'm reallly lost in this life and when the light goes down.... nanananaaa

    Not sure about the lyrics... I think it's Adele?
  9. ConfusedInPA

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  10. Soul*

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    Oh yeah it's Anouk, thanks! She's pretty awesome, saw the cutest little video on FB recently of how she was writing her songs, whilst her little toddler son was on her lap going crazy :D Will see if I can find it on Youtube as well... Oh, just found out it's an oldy, still adorable cute though!

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  11. rockgor

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    BG, here's another song the Temptations sang. You're My Everything.
    "I was blessed the day I found you"

    And here's a big hit from when I was in 6th grade. Guess you were too, huh?
    I found my thrill on "Blueberry Hill" I had the sheet music for that one.

    I'll Never Find Another You. Written by Dusty Springfield's brother Tom.

    When I lost my baby, "I Almost Lost My Mind". A hit for Pat Boone, one
    of America's great baritones along with Elvis, Bing Crosby, Gordon MacRae,
    Howard Keel, and Robert Merrill.

  12. gb66

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    Rock, Those are songs that are very familiar to me. Good ones! GB