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    hi everyone

    haven't posted in along time. looking for a crying face but can not find one. Any way I hurt bad my head is about to explode, my back hurts in 4 different spots, down the back of my shoulder blades hurt so bad I cant lift my arm. as a matter of fact i'm only typing with one hand. I'm on the second review with ssi none of the programs will help me cause I eather own a house or still work part time I told them that I transport 60 children at a time to and from school 3 differrent buss loads a trip thats over 100 students that are in my care. now if youre a parent do you want a person in alot of pain transporting you children. I can not quit my job cause I cant get help pluss I will be put in prission for not paying child suport and it has been threatened before. I have another child at home that I dont get child saport for. I have to feed him I cant just get rid of what little income I have left for hopes of getting help. Ive tried to give the house back to the bank but once again because I work it has to be forclosed on. I don't qualify for the in-liew thing. If any one has any advise I would appreciate
    thank you
    yes Im still alive
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    ~~~Your situation seems intense right now, but you are a fighter, I can tell. FM'ers have to fight...I have no real advice as I'm not in a similar situation, but I'll pray for you too...and posting this will put it to the top of the board again, if anyone else has any practical or legal advice for you...The Pain is so real. I hope you find some solid answers very soon.
    Love to you,
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    I saw my doc again yesterday
    I'm now not working for atleast 2 weeks I'm having problems with the siatic nurves I can not spell it any way
    she has me on alot of drugs all at the same time I am not aloud to drive anything. She is hoping that it will relax the mustles enough so that she can see if the nurves are being pinched by the bulging and slipt disks cause she couldnt see it on the last mri but the feeling im getting is as if they were pinched. If they are not pinched it meens they are breaking down which could eventually mean peralization. Now my question or statement is, isn't fibro just a mustle thing isn't the nurves something else. Any way with all the drugs Im on I feal as if I'm flooting yet my back and shoulders still hurt whats up with that?

    thanks for reading
    still hoping for advise or some noose to lift the spearits thank you all