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    I don't know what to do with school..Today was my first day back. I'm a senior in high school and I'm in so much pain from sitting for hours but they already made accomodations to let me out 1 hour earlier but I still have 6 classes in a row. And I need most of these classes to graduate because here in Michigan the state law says you need 24 credits to graduate.
    My jackass counselor ( who embarrased me because he made me talk in front of another student in his office as if i like talking about myself being crippled ) is really upset at me for asking to go on the Po-High plan instead of 504 plan. That makes me a mentally ill (special ed) person, however.

    I'm scared that I won't be able to deal with this pain after high school.

    I'm scared that I'll be lost forever because if I don't recover at all I'll never get any disability because you have to have a job before you can get disability, right?

    I'm scared this is going nowhere but a very dark future.
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    I'm not in high school but at the age of 49 I am a college student. I started out full time, and now because of fibro I am cut down to half-time and had to change my major. I can't imagine how hard it must be for you right now. I have been fortunate, in that we have a special services department that is going to provide me with a padded adjustable chair this term. However, I dread walking in to my class the first day, and having everybody wonder why I have that special chair, and heaven forbid if someone is sitting in it, and I have to ask them to move. I had to drop classes last term because those hard chairs really do cause alot of pain.
    I don't think that at any age, these disabilities are easy, and I am proud of you for hanging in there.
    It wasn't right that your counselor made you discuss your health issues in front of other people, and I don't blame you for being mad. There are new laws under Hippa, that protect our medical information, and I would have one of your parents discuss this problem with your counselor.
    Secondly, just because we are where we are at today, doesn't mean it will always be like this. Hopefully, your pain and other issues will level off and you will be able to lead a good life...I wouldn't recommend trying out for the football team any time soon though! grin.
    I am not sure, but I think you can draw off of your parents disability, but I won't swear to it..Maybe someone else will come a long that knows more about it.
    I am really sorry Aaron that things are so hard. I am glad you came to the board and posted.
    Hugs to you
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    for posting questions on this board. I'm a teacher, not a student, but can definitely share your frustrations and fears. You are not alone!
    Has your doc. prescribed you anything for the pain?
    Your counselor does, indeed, sound like a jackass!
    Don't be afraid, don't worry; lots of things can change. This board, I'm discovering, is an AWESOME place for making friends and finding information. Hang in there! I'll keep you in my prayers, Aaron.
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    You need a really good doc who understands these illnesses. A pain specialist should be able to help you find something which will relieve the pain and allow you to finish school. Physical therapy can help with stretching and flexing exercises which will help with the pain.

    Sweetie, your life is not over; it's just taking you on a detour right now. Worst case scenario is that you might have to drop out for a semester or even a year to get your illness under control. At your age, a year sounds like a lifetime, but we learn with these illnesses that we have to do whatever it takes. I believe that if your doc states that you are disabled, the school will have to make special accommodations for you. Is there any chance of home schooling or self study? Can you get your GED? I know that is not what you want, but at least, you may have some options.

    The worst thing you can do is to stress out and continue to push yourself when you are sick. Sit down and be honest with yourself and your parents and decide what needs to be done. Start with getting a good doc. Keep us informed on what is going on. We care.

    Love, Mikie
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    takesha, linda, nink, kholmes and mikie thank you being so supportive. It really helps keep my chin up when I am down like this. I love all of ya.

    what else does a pain specialist do besides prescribe pain killers? maybe i should try acupunctre to see if it would reduce the pain? what you guys think? anyone here try it give me your personal thoughts, please.

    and Khomles... I wish you were my teacher! :)

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    aaron -
    so sorry it is so hard for you. I can't imagine dealing with this in high school. I have really been praying for you and like I said , you need to take care of yourself. Don't give up - don't ever give up. I know it is hard but you can't let it beat you. Your future is not dark at all -this can go into remission sometimes- and even if it doesn't try your hardest to keep going. That is why I am so involved in all of my children's extracurricular activities - maybe if I don't stop - it won't stop me. I pray for you and will continue to. {{{{{{}}}}}}}

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    I didn't get my Dx until I was in college, however, I am sure I have had FM since my early teens. I had to give up some of the things that I enjoyed (like sports and staying out late) in order to have a somewhat "normal" life during the day. It honestly sometimes sucks to be sick. Not all days are bad though. I have felt hopeless at times but I have had some really long period of time when I have actually had minimal pain and fatigue. Cliche as it my saound - better days are ahead of you.

    I opted for a vocational program at school that allowed me to earn credit for time a a part-time job. I went to school in the morning and worked in the afternoon. (just be sure to choose a job that can make accommodations) This option worked for me.

    Oh, about pain specialists... I went to one for over a year (can't afford it now d/t insurance expenses) He not only gave me meds (which really can help) he also did muscle injections that eased my pain a great deal. Most of all he was the first doctor that didn't treat me as if my being sick was all in my head. It was a great experience and I would say it might be worth giving a try.

    Keep your head up - and continue to ask for help when you need it.

    Take Care,