lost contact lense- can't deal with eye dr

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AuntTammie, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I lost a contact & I have terrible vision, so I cannot go long without replacing it. I do have back ups & am wearing them now, but they are old enough they are bothering my eyes, and since I am wearing the back ups I now have no further back ups......so if I lose these I am in big trouble....cannot see well enough with glasses to do much more than lie in bed and read - and barely able to do that - definitely cannot drive with them.

    Anyway, the problem is that thanks to ME/CFS, going to the eye doc is a hugely big deal......the last couple of times I had to get new lenses, they could not figure out my script, bc my eyes do not want to focus properly during an exam......wound up going back and forth, trying out a new script, going back in again, trying another new one, etc for a few months (literally)......each exam took a ton out of me & those were when I was in much better shape than I am in now

    so I am seriously dreading going in again......it has been long enough I am sure that she will want to do a full exam before giving me any new lenses and I am just not up for it......I also truly cannot afford an exam and new lenses (can't afford the lenses themselves, but really have no choice - have to be able to see)

    I know that there have been some articles posted before about the neurological effects of ME/CFS on eyesight and the reasons that we have such issues, but I can't stay online any longer to try to find them.....am starting to get really sick

    wondering if anyone knows the links to any info about this and/or has any ideas for dealing with the eye doc with this whole issue
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  2. Debra49659

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    Me too Tammie. Just like Goatwoman...I switched to eyeglasses this year. So much easier to slip the glasses on my face, instead of the care of contacts.

    I am legally blind....even the "E" at the top of the chart is a blur:)

    I am much happier with the glasses.

    If you still need the contacts try calling whenever you get them, tell them that you lost one of the lens and need to make an appt. Ask if it would be possible to get a sample pair until your appt. Walmart did that for me several times.

    If you make your appt. for a couple of weeks out it gives you a little time to juggle the budget. If you need a bit more time as the date approaches, you can call to reschedule. The sample pair gives you more time and flexability in seeing your doctor.

    As far as the appointments taking so much out of you, I thought Goatwoman had a great idea in splitting one visit into two days.

  3. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    thanks for the replies......I hit legally blind in second grade, so at this point, I can't even tell that there is a chart there without my contacts! ; ) & I actually cannot get my eyes dilated - I am allergic to the stuff they use, so they take a picture instead

    seriously.....my eyes continued to get worse for 30 yrs, then the eyes themselves finally stopped worsening, but that's when the Me/CFS related neuro issues made my brain stop processing any quick refocusing (& also caused some other weird visual issues that I have no idea how to explain)

    ....anyway, the script is still fine, but whenever I go for an appt the doc wants to go thru that whole "is this one better or is this one" thing and my brain cannot keep up, so it winds up screwing up the script......I get sent home to wait for new contacts, then they come in, I try them, and find out they don't work, have another appt, wait for another set of lenses, try them, find out they don't work, etc.....the last two times I had to get new contacts, this literally went on for four months

    I was so much better off then and those appt still killed me - now even getting to the eye doc will take a ton out of me, and setting up appts is really tough anyway, bc my sleep-wake cycle is so unpredictable, I never know when I might be functioning well enough to do anything

    plus, the budget thing is not going to change in a few weeks......the last appt and contacts cost more than half of my entire monthly SSDi income.......the new contacts alone are a hug problem, but like I said, I have to have them......and I do have a friend who owes me money & had planned to pay it back this month, so I can manage the lenses.....but not the appt, too

    glasses simply do not work, no matter how much I would like them to - it has somethign to do with the neuro issues, too - my eye doc actually understood that much and tried to explain why last time......I only have the glasses for rt before bed and when I wake up in the middle of sleep to use the bathroom......can read if I hold the book close, but not well......cannot drive, cannot really do much else at all

    anyway, I do appreciate the ideas.......I wish there were a neuro eye doc around here - then maybe I could convince him/her to skip the appt & undertnad why regular exams don't work
  4. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Aunt Tammie certainly understand your dilemia on this one..Im hoping someone posts info.

    Last time I went to eye doc it was a nightmare. my vision keeps changing so then the glasses are wrong. Ive just stayed with my old ones.

    There are days where my vision is so blurry and cant focus,its like I dont have my glasses on.

    understand about appts. also. could you call them and tell them u lost one and just want a replacement?

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